Apple Just Moved Mildura Back Where It’s Meant To Be

Apple Just Moved Mildura Back Where It’s Meant To Be

Over the last few months, the Victorian Police have been wading through the Murray-Sunset National Park to rescue Apple Maps users who had become lost. Why were the clueless motorists in there in the first place? Because Maps told them it was the right thing to do of course. Just 24 hours after police warned drivers off the Maps app, Apple has rewritten the map to put Mildura back in the right place. You know, sort of.

Victoria Police told motorists not to use Apple Maps around Victoria until they had been fixed after pulling the fifth person out of the forest. One of which had been stranded there for 24 hours without food, water or phone signal in 46 degree C heat.

The strandings happened because Apple Maps told motorists looking for Mildura that they would find it inside the Murray-Sunset National Park, and naturally, these motorists decided it was a great idea to wander on in armed with blind faith in their smartphone.

Apple has now redrawn the maps around the area to indicate that the road going through the national park is in fact a highway. Maps also now drops a pin where Mildura actually is, making navigation to the region much safer for clueless motorists. Last time they were being sent off course by about 70 kilometres.

The updated map still lists Mildura as being in the middle of the national park, but at least your iPhone won’t send you there this time.

Below are the two maps of the area.

Old Maps:

New Maps: