Apple Just Moved Mildura Back Where It's Meant To Be

Over the last few months, the Victorian Police have been wading through the Murray-Sunset National Park to rescue Apple Maps users who had become lost. Why were the clueless motorists in there in the first place? Because Maps told them it was the right thing to do of course. Just 24 hours after police warned drivers off the Maps app, Apple has rewritten the map to put Mildura back in the right place. You know, sort of.

Victoria Police told motorists not to use Apple Maps around Victoria until they had been fixed after pulling the fifth person out of the forest. One of which had been stranded there for 24 hours without food, water or phone signal in 46 degree C heat.

The strandings happened because Apple Maps told motorists looking for Mildura that they would find it inside the Murray-Sunset National Park, and naturally, these motorists decided it was a great idea to wander on in armed with blind faith in their smartphone.

Apple has now redrawn the maps around the area to indicate that the road going through the national park is in fact a highway. Maps also now drops a pin where Mildura actually is, making navigation to the region much safer for clueless motorists. Last time they were being sent off course by about 70 kilometres.

The updated map still lists Mildura as being in the middle of the national park, but at least your iPhone won't send you there this time.

Below are the two maps of the area.

Old Maps:

New Maps:



    And that's coming from a happy Apple user - but if they want to be competitive, throw more resources at this thing. Surely somewhere in their 100 billion dollar chest they can find room to compete with Google on this front.

    Edit: Facepalm due to Mildura still being in the national park - I know it's probably a sub section of Apple maps that is holding this up but still...

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      fully agreed. Apple has a bunch of cash in reserve for just such emergencies. It wouldn't take much. Send special teams to the most commonly looked-up locations in the world, and crack down hard on bad data.

        The trouble is it WOULD take much. Google employs 7,100 people just for maps. For comparison, Apple employs 13,000 people in TOTAL (excluding retail staff). Mapping is labour intensive.

        ...also, I'm guessing "commonly looked up locations" (by global standards) would almost certainly exclude Mildura.

          Apple has a lot more money than Google.

          Your second point is excellent and shoots my argument to the ground entirely! Ah well.

      It seems like a waste of money to try an compete. Google maps is so engrained now and has an evergrowing feature list. I dont think they could ever compete equally without a MASSIVE investment. And at what gain? In the end I still see this maps debacle as an attempt to further enclose their ecosystem and further cut google out of the pie. Im surprised the isnt an apple backed iSearch already.

      They should have spent this wasted money on innovation rather than marginal spec bumps on their hardware.

        If that is what Google said ten(?) odd years years back? "Oh yahoo is too ingrained...., and has an evergrowing feature list. And i dont think we can compete with yahoo without a massive investment???"

        Having actually used apple maps successfully, I can say that for the most part, it's a beautiful, and above all, lightning fast experience. Using maps on the road, I've known the frustration of using the google maps app in poor coverage (and even good coverage) areas, where they just stutter and fail to load. Apple maps, on the other hand, is all vector, so uses less data, and most of the time it doesn't even need a data connection because everything's cached. The technology behind the apple maps platform is stellar, and for google to replicate that would take a long time. The implementation of that tech, however, is where it's let down. What baffles me is how they produce a maps app in conjunction with TomTom, and STILL manage to have such bad data. Apple doesn't need to visit different locations to improve it's maps, millions of companies worldwide already have the data, TomTom included, so all they should need to do is open their wallets and buy the data that's already there.

          What a shame you've never seen Google Maps on Android... it's been vector-based and cached for two years, and allows offline usage too.

          The old Maps app on iOS had barely been updated in 5 years, thanks to this unfortunate dispute with Google, but that hasn't stopped the rapid development on Android.

            Windows Phone 8 uses the Noklia maps system. All vector, super-detailed, lightning quickl GPS on my 920.

            Also you can download the map of your whole country for offline use, Australia comes to 250MB.

            Small dent in my 32G of storage in exchange for a map in my pocket all the time? Yes please.

            Apple spent the same amount of time developing their own maps as other companies, they just didn't do a very good job. They also neglected their existing maps infrastructure as a result.

      I've literally just searched for mildura on my ipad, and the location pin drops right into the national park, where all those people got lost.

    Hey, all it takes is a state police press release and bad PR on a major tech site and Apple will actually do a half-assed job of fixing an error (way to leave a Mildura dot in the wrong place, guys). What great service.

      How would they know of an error in a town as insignificant as Mildura without the press about it? Go on, tell me.

        By looking at a map

    no, they didn't. It still drops in the middle of nowhere if you search for it while the map screen is in a different location

    Then again, people would have never got lost in the forest looking for Mildura according to their phone if they just used something else called their eyes and common sense.

      Driving and common sense don't go together very often.

    Now we need to move Toowoomba QLD east aprox 48km

      oh, I came in here to say that actually. Being a Toowoomban, imagine my surprise when I realised I was living so far east of it!

      I did use the 'report' button, and submitted it. I wonder what happens then? Makes me thing of the bit in the simpsons about where bowling pins go.

    When I saw this article yesterday, I started to have a look around Victoria for other major towns that may be displaced, found several including Wangaratta, Glenelg, Ararat, Horsham Bendigo. Also found a few odd "Towns" such as Bass Coast and South Gippsland. these last two along with Glenelg being in the wrong state leads me to believe that Apple is actually placing the names of Councils at the centroid of their geographic area.

    LOL, the source was the Australian Govt.

    "the Australian Gazetteer – the authoritative list of 300,000-plus placenames, complete with coordinates – includes two Milduras. One is the “real” town, the other is an entry for “Mildura Rural City”, coordinates -34.79724 141.76108. It’s this second entry that points to the middle of the Murray-Sunset National Park, just near a spot called Rocket Lake."

      Sure, blame it on someone/something else.

      Typical Apple approach.

        Notice how that article is speculation from a writer on The Register and not a press release from Apple.

          notice how the average reader doesn't care and probably didn't even read the article.

      I wonder if the just moved this one town or is they changed the way the data is searched for to avoid this error for other places

    This is only fixed until the next driver gets lost without phone reception and the media get on to the story and the police put out a press release.

    It makes you wonder how many other towns around Australia are either grossly out of place or not on Apple Maps at all.

    Why can't they just give up? Surely there must be other apple ventures the company has failed at and subsequently had to abandon?

      Well, Goulburn is still apparently 20km off the beaten track. But I don't think Apple's been leading anyone into Lake George lately, so the media haven't discovered it yet.

      I'm surprised it took this long to highlight just this one misplaced city in Australia. Maybe Apple owners all live in capital cities? Nearly every small city and town is either dramatically misplaced or missing, at least in name. Zoom in and the streets are all there and probably correctly named, but the location 'dot' and name are typically 20 - 30km away.

      Instead of searching to create a placemarker, simply browse your way down the east coast from Cairns and you'll find coastal towns and cities like Mackay, Gladstone, Rocky, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Batemans Bay, etc. all misplaced way inland, often on top of a forested hill in a conservation park, or simply missing. Continue around the Victorian, SA and WA coasts for more. Robe, Victor Harbor, Kingscote, Ceduna, Albany, Busselton, Geraldton, and so on. It's not just Mildura that's leaves you stranded dangerously off the beaten track on a hot summer's day - popular beach-side Augusta in WA is shown 30km away in the middle of a tinder dry forest.

      Why can't they just give up?

      Because the other choices aren't willing to give Apple's users the mapping experience they deserve without serious licensing cost (Nokia) or serious data collection (Google).

      Also, it's been three months.

    Ok so this is what I don't get - if the product doesn't do what it is advertised to (show you the correct way), wouldn't the ACCC ask apple to pull the app off the ios until it is fixed?

      Only if a lot of people complain *to the ACCC* and then the ACCC gets a response from Apple and then ACCC asks thjem to kindly fix it but Apple doesn't etc etc etc months gone by.

      In practice ACCC are very very benign to companies about this kind of thing.

    I've left the clutches of Apple now, and using Nokia Drive, but anyone who is with Telstra, has an iPhone and DOESN'T have the WhereIs App needs their head examined.

    Amazing FREE app that doesn't use data with Telstra. Full turn by turn and integrates your music. Works AMAZINGLY if you're using a bluetooth head unit.


      I also now use Nokia Drive but I was using Whereis on the iphone. Awesome app for being free, considering the state of Apple Maps and how much you pay for Tom Tom etc.

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    Just tried searching for Mildura.... result is still about 70Km off

    Lets face it apple has shot itself in the foot .......trying to compete with google earth just because they hate google so much ......for what ......useless maps to those who dare to actually use ......don't think so lol.

    Funny thing is I'm just looking at my local map for Mackay (central qld town of 100,000 ppl) it's been moved into the state Forrest 100km west. Punching in street address and suburb of where I actually live now also puts me into the state Forrest. The entire town including streets has moved inland, obviously there are no actual roads. It was fine this morning.

    The Whitsundays and Gladstone are also inland now in the wrong spot. Honestly what gives. Someone playing a joke on us?

    Oh actually almost the entire QLd coast is wrong now with certain exceptions.. Type in a town and it places the marker in the wrong spot, inland in a Forrest. Type a street name with that city in the search field also places you inland.

    Yeah SA Has no suburbs just councils. Have notified apple.


    I usually finds errors in google maps not as serious as apple maps.
    But when I do find the errors I report them asap so someone else doesn't get caught be the error.

    I wonder how many apple map users bother too report errors when they find them,

    I used to see many drivers do u-turn near my street for many years. One day i was using google maps to drive home and it told me to do i turn a the same place. I reported the error and hardly see anyone do a u-turn at that location anymore.

    So it is easy to expect apple to get it right but even if they do unless the public help it will never be perfect.

    Everyone whether use google maps, apple maps , garmin, tom tom or whatever try out some directions from your device and check them if you find a mistake report it,

    Finally many of these maps have the same mistakes which suggest they are using the same source ( probaby government maps) so google and apple etc should report mistakes back too their source so future maps are accurate too or are they too competitive to do that

    I noticed this also, I live on the NSW Central Coast and using the turn by turn for the first time, I thought I would use it on my way home from work.

    Navigating to "gosford" I came off the freeway, and Apple Maps tried to lead me down a road called woy woy rd, which- leads to woy woy.. Not Gosford... which is in the other direction.. Good one Apple.

    North Sydney Council appears in the Brisbane southside suburb of Cooper's Plains. The thing is, I reported this error using the map when it was first released but they have done nothing to update the data.

    I've noticed in the rural locations the location names are sadly lacking. what they appear to have done is just place a location for each shire. Near where I live in NE Victoria for example, the only locations are for places like "Indigo", "Alpine" and "Campaspe". These are shires, not towns and towns in the area such as Beechworth, Bright and Mount Beauty and others simply don't exist.

    Interestingly (or disappointingly) I have reported these omissions and nothing has been fixed. I have actually reported a couple of them three times and there seems to be no action taken, even after more than a month!

    In other news residents have begun moving to their new homes in the Apple designated Mildura location.

    When Apple finally made it BIG, they're now becoming slack, no more "Inventions" no more "Revolutionaries..", it's like back in the day with Microsoft, Microsoft copied Apple, Microsoft was smart and made it Bigger..

    Now Google copied Apple, Google WILL make it big (Sadly)..

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