Android Just Overtook Apple In Australia

Android Just Overtook Apple In Australia

How does Australia like these Apples? Not very much according to new data out today that says Android has edged ahead of Apple as the most popular mobile platform in the country.

According to Telsyte, Android has overtaken Apple in the sales figures purely because of the sheer number of Android devices sold. Apple only has a couple of devices on the market as opposed to the hundreds running Android.

From Lifehacker:

According to the Telsyte Australian Smartphone Market Study 2013-2017. “Our new research shows that the lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support has helped Android become the leading platform,” Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi said in a release announcing the results. He also noted that Apple users have a higher intention of buying again and are more likely to sign contracts.

Go you crazy ‘droids! [Lifehacker]