Android Just Overtook Apple In Australia

How does Australia like these Apples? Not very much according to new data out today that says Android has edged ahead of Apple as the most popular mobile platform in the country.

According to Telsyte, Android has overtaken Apple in the sales figures purely because of the sheer number of Android devices sold. Apple only has a couple of devices on the market as opposed to the hundreds running Android.

From Lifehacker:

According to the Telsyte Australian Smartphone Market Study 2013-2017. “Our new research shows that the lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support has helped Android become the leading platform,” Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi said in a release announcing the results. He also noted that Apple users have a higher intention of buying again and are more likely to sign contracts.

Go you crazy 'droids! [Lifehacker]



    I'm actually looking to switch to Android this month, hoping the experience is better than this 'dated iOS bs I've been stuck with! (Of course I will be rooting my device).

      You'll be fine, especially if rooting your device :) If you don't like the experience out of the box, you have limitless numbers of custom ROMs you can flash that will give you a better experience.

        Well I've always been a tinkerer, (I remember putting a custom ROM on my Razr v3, lol) so Android has always been appealing to me, though the actual iPhone was more aesthetically appealing to me, and I'm huge on aesthetics. Fortunately, the Note II is a smexy looking phone, and will be my Android of choice!

          People who choose aesthetics over functionality never cease to amaze me

            Well, as far as I was concerned, the iPhone did everything I wanted it to do, so I wasn't really losing out on anything.

            I did way up the positives and negatives, and decided on the iPhone :)

              Try get a nexus device as it will grant you the most flexibilty.

            It's not just aesthetics though; people often confuse it with overall usability.

            really? So if you were to buy furniture for instance you would always go for comfort etc and wouldnt care how it was going to look in your lounge room?

              I would find the most comfortable one, then get it in the fabric that matched my living room, not the other way around :)

              AzTech, furniture and mobile phones share nothing alike whatsoever in this example. Furniture is definitely as much about looks as it is about comfort. A phone isn't for making you look stylish, it's for making calls and all that other phoney stuff.

                Hey I agree and that's what I buy one for but others like the aesthetics and that's okay too, we're all different. Just as some people couldn't five a damn what their furniture looks like as long as it's functional and comfortable. The OP stated they were "amazed" by people buying tech based on aesthetics, I'm merely pointing out we all have a part of us that wants things to look nice, whether it be a car, the clothes we wear and something as simple as a mobile phone. I would buy a phone based on features but I wouldnt stick it in one of those disgusting ottobox cases even though they functionally offer the best protection because they're just too ugly. But each to their own.

            Most humans must fascinate you. I'm kind of jealous of how much amazement your life must have :)

            Really? I guess you go to work in a track suit then?

            Your profile picture makes me think you come from a certain place /b/ro

            Spoken like a true nerd. For most people, the 2 phones will do everything they need. So in the end people have nothing else to base it on except aesthetics and useability.

          I used to be the same, bit of a tinkerer, but switched to the iPhone late last year. I don't really miss the tinkering as the iPhone does everything I want it to out of the box, even without jailbreaking. Functionality is a lot more important to me than aesthetics, however for me the iPhone nailed both.

          But seeing all the improvements in Android this year, compared to the iPhone getting an extra half inch, has made me wonder what 2013 will bring. My contract runs out in October, and I wouldn't be surprised if I switch back to Android or jump ship again to Windows Phone.

            I'm massively inclined to check out the WP8 scene, but not too keen on either the 920 or 8X.

            I'm in need of a new phone anyway, so thought I'd just spend a year or two checking out Android, then revisit and see what WP8 phones are available.

            Being an IT Administrator/Support Officer, it's kind of beneficial for me to know all platforms like the back of my hand, anyway!

          Yeah my fiancées contract is up in January and she is looking at getting a Note II.
          I am so going to have mobile phone envy. :\
          it looks like a really nice device. And Giz review was really positive.

        Which is exactly the same as jail breaking an iPhone. I keep getting android devices hoping to be impressed. They are an unstable mess. Horrible UI, terrible App Store. I want to like
        Android, but they just aren't very good

          Get a Nexus or flash a ROM with the stock UI then. The interface looks great and I've never had stability problems, even when I had a phone nearly 3 years old running a custom ROM with the stock Jelly Bean interface

    Really surprised it took this long.

    How is Windows Phone looking in the market share figures?

      I hope it succeeds. I want a lumia 920 now!

    Let me buy a nexus 4 already!

    Yay Android.

    Good work Android... about time people opened their eyes and saw there are very good alternatives out there now opposed to just the iPhone... Don't get me wrong I like the iPhone... had one for years (3s, 4) but when innovation slows down and others start making serious headway... it's time to look around...

    This is awesome. Now people won't be called iSheep anymore right? The majority are the sheep, so is it Sheepdroid or Ansheep?

      Not the majority, the uninformed. So no, it wont' be changing.

        Ha. You are so right, people who use a different thing are better than people who use another different thing. You are my hero oh wise informed one.

        Such a retarded comment. Because someone sees more value in something else, and you disagree they are 'the uninformed'.

          Uh, no. The uninformed are the uninformed. Nobody said anything about values.

      Samsheep. :D

      Cause you know 75% of the android phones are Samsung's.

    So Apple now "almost" sell more phones than all the rest put together. Pretty happy space to be in I would have thought.

      My thoughts, exactly! So the hundreds of different brands of Android devices outsell a handful of different iOS devices. Hilarious!

        emphasis on the "outsell" bit.
        Still outsold regardless, and probably because of the greater variety? Hmm?
        More options running Android than iOS.
        Yep. Hilarious.
        I'll bet Apple ain't laughing about it.

      Android's actually been outselling Apple on a worldwide level for quite a while now. Last I checked the figures were something like Android > 50% and iOS < 35% with the gap only widening. In fact in Quarter 3 of 2012 75% of all smartphones shipped worldwide were Android devices. Samsung alone more than doubled the number of devices Apple sold (56.3 million for Samsung, 26.9 for Apple).

      It's only now that it's also gained the majority market share in Australia, although I question that since it was reported back in July that Android had overtaken iOS in this country:

      JustThisGuy's comment is correct. You can bet Apple are more than a little concerned over this.

      Last edited 12/12/12 4:43 pm

      Only in Australia. The SGS3 alone has been outselling the iPhone worldwide for the last few months.

      It's a trend that doesn't seem to be reversing. It must be worrying for Apple. They've sat on their arses too long, needed to take more risks with the product.

    My contract also expires in October next year and I'm looking forward to changing to the next Galaxy Note phone. Currently on a 4S.

    To be honest, this doesn't mean much. Hundreds of Android devices only JUST outselling a handful of iOS ones? meh.

    I was one of the unwashed masses with an iPhone for the last 4 years, but I actually enjoy being one of the niche guys with a Windows Phone. I know we're minnows but this operating system is just so damned beautiful.

    It's like it says to me.."Look, I know I'm missing stuff, and I have my issues, but look at how god damned sexy I am".

    Windows Phone 8 is like being with a hot supermodel that treats you like shit. iOS is your dependable housewife that does everything for you, but is kinda plain and boring, and Android is that chick you have as a fuck buddy that let's you do want you want with her, but you can't see youself ending up with.

    Last edited 12/12/12 4:07 pm

      Haha best comment ever!

    Great, hopefully this trend follows suite elsewhere in the world and it forces apple to innovate once again. the reason we came to love apple in the first place was because of innovation. these days it seems stale and more of the same. nothing like competition and losing spot #1 to put a fire under their ass!

    I'm surprised on this statistic, seems in the circle of people I know (excluding me) everyone has an iPhone. Now if Google had a minuscule clue about a product launch the Nexus 4 could have swayed this figure massively to round out 2012.

      The phone I see most these days in people's hands on trains and on the street in Sydney is the Galaxy S3, which I was pleasantly surprised to note.

    So android is being used by more people than apple iOS?

    Well how many devices run on android?
    How many devices run iOS? 3!! Having just under 50% if the market with one phone and two tablets is pretty good I say!!

      The figures are about actual devices in the wild, so it's a cumulative figure that includes all iOS smartphones and all Android smartphones in current use, not just the current generation. Tablets aren't included either.

      People have this odd obsession with the size of a product range when they defend Apple's market share, implying Apple's products are doing better because there are less variants of them. The reality is that individual product variants don't matter. It's known that by having variants the consumer base will divide between them based on their needs. If you choose to sell 100 of OnePhone, or 60 of CheaperPhone and 40 of MoreExpensivePhone doesn't matter, you come out roughly the same in the end anyway. It's a fallacy to suggest OnePhone is doing better just because its competitor decided to offer multiple models instead.

    I know 2 people that swapped their iPhone for Android phones and they couldn't be happier. I only know one person still with an iPhone. Everywhere i look, i mostly see the gs3. I still see a lot of iPhones, mainly with people squinting to see their tiny screen. Haven't seen an iPhone 5 in public yet.

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