Americans Spent 121 Billion Minutes On Social Media In One Month

Nielsen says in its annual Social Media Report (because those are a thing now) that Americans spent a collective 121 billion minutes on social media in July alone, up from 88 billion the year before. That's a whole lot of time for exchanging pokes and creeping on your ex.

In fact, it comes down to about 230,060 years. If every single person in the US used social media, that would be 388 minutes or about six and a half hours a head — 13 minutes a day. Of course not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter (weirdos), so this means there are people who are literally using Facebook for hundreds of minutes every day. Not that, uh, we're doing that right now. Anyway, we're all voyeurists and exhibitionists and this internet addiction thing is getting serious. [Nielsen]

Image: Shutterstock/Luis Louro

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