Amazon's New $3 Kid-Friendly Subscription Service

Amazon's just launched Free Time Unlimited for its range of Kindle Fire tablets, which offers unlimited access to age-restricted movies, games and books for kids, for just $US3 a month.

Essentially a subscription service for children, the service lets you tell Amazon your offspring's gender and age, and then a custom library of books, movies, apps and games is conjured. There's content here from Disney, Nickeloden, PBS, Marvel and plenty more, but only if you're in the US of course.

The concept is the reverse of what's currently in place, where content has to be white-listed: instead, you can just provide a child with an entire library, all of which you know is safe for consumption. Combine it with the time limits you can set on Amazon's tablets, and it makes for an extremely tempting child entertainment solution.

The service is available on all the new Kindle Fire HD models in the US, and this year's Kindle Fire (the first-gen Fire misses out). For prime customers it costs $US3 a month per kid, while $US7 gets you subscriptions for as many kids as you have. Those prices rise to $US5 and $US10 respectively if you're not a Prime customers.

Goddamn Amazon. Bring it here!

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    If its US only then why tell us about it? I have a 4 year old was thinking this sounds great until the US only bit then it just pissed me off.
    How about puttingin the article title when ever something is region or country specific so that if it means shot all to us then we just don't click on it.

    Totally agree with you sykotika - pisses me off too...

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