All The Apple Startup Chimes In History


    The last three in this video (Quadra AV, Performa 6400 and iMac) are put together well - descending semitones, which makes me want to resolve it to make the iconic "sad trombone" sound:
    Yes, I'm a music nerd...

      So. Much. I. Agree. With. This.

      -Also a music nerd.

    They actually get worse over time, the last one sounds like it's broken.

    You can patent a sound??? I can understanding copyrighting a sound but how can you deny that sounds don't have prior art?

      See. That's the first thing to come to my mind.

      Come up with a word.
      Via 'social marketing', make it as 'hip' as this generations persistent use of 'swag'.
      Sue everyone who uses it in a 'tweet' or 'status'.

      Yes you can patent a sound, Harley Motorcycles have a patent for their engine sound.
      But what are Apple going to say if another company uses a similar sound, will they use the round corners argument.

    I always hated those later ones -power Mac and up. The early ones were way better.

    How about the sad mac tones. I think they're better. Shattering glass always freaked the customers out.

    How about including vacuum cleaner mode start up on the G5, that was funny.

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