Aeroplane Wi-Fi Is About To Suck Less

Wi-Fi in the sky is a wonderful idea, but it's painfully unreliable. The good news is that Boeing has just developed a new calibration technology that will hopefully help make your in-flight entertainment better.

Boeing engineers initially developed the new signal test method to comply with regulatory standards, but it will also help engineers optimise your Wi-Fi signal. According to Boeing, some of the problems with connectivity are that with so many bodies and objects moving around inside the tin vessels, even someone getting up to move around the cabin can cause a blip in your connectivity. Using new "proprietary measurement and analysis tools", the new calibration method helps engineers hone in the way a signal is propagated throughout an aeroplane cabin to maximise efficiency and eliminate weak signal areas inside the cabin. We can't wait to see if it actually works. [PRNewswire]


    I am not a believer that WiFi is going to really cause any harm to the aircraft in flight or anything like that, they wouldn't be designing this if it was. My concern however is that WiFi is not the right tool for the job of powering in-flight entertainment. The bandwidth is going to be a nightmare to manage with so many high-throughput devices running in the WiFi spectrum that there are going to be signal issues, and with potential weight savings there would be added weight from all the Wi-Fi radio components in each IFE unit added together as oppose to not having it. If they are looking for weight savings and less cable management they would be much better off running the IFE units of Power over Ethernet. There is going to have to be a power source for the IFE units anyway, might as well us it for connectivity without all the Wi-Fi issues while you are at it.

    ewww Ryanair

      They serve a purpose, it's not pleasant, but if you know the rules and follow them it's cheap and reliable. Not once did I have a late or cancelled flight with them in over 30 flights.

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