A Complete History Of US Nuclear Explosions In 90 Seconds

On July 16, 1945, the US Army destroyed a small part of New Mexico by testing the first nuclear bomb in human history, the most powerful weapon of all time. It then proceeded to blow up 1054 more.

All of these detonations were part of separate operations, given cute code names like Wigwam and Teapot — hundreds of bombs were blown up across Pacific islands, Nevada, New Mexico, and beyond. The Army had to blow up so many to make sure they'd blow up in Moscow, when and where it counted.

Above is a sample from every single recorded test conducted by the US, until these tests were banned by international treaty in 1963. Then we just started doing them underground, instead.

As a new year is about to hit, let's be glad the world doesn't concern itself with this stuff as much. An ever so slightly less terrifying world. Better to waste money on the F-22 than on nuclear bombs, if the money absolutely has to be wasted.

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