10 Sad People Who Already Broke Their Shiny New iPhones

Santa brought lots of good boys and girls across the world new iPhones for Christmas. Hurray, Christmas! Unfortunately, with new iPhones come the perils of iPhone ownership, which is to say, that many of these beautiful new handsets are already broken. Here are some poor saps who already busted their new toys.



    Looks like some people broke their grammar and punctuation at the same time.

      It's Twitter, who cares if their punctuation isn't perfect...

        It's Twiiter, who cares? Period.

        It just aggravates the hell out of me how people without any real excuse can just sit down and rape the English language.
        It makes people look and sound stupid (which they probably are)

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          Don't worry mate I know what you're on about. There's a difference between abbreviating things for text messages / tweets, and jsut pailn runiung the entore longauge.

    My iPhone is well over a year old and literally doesn't have a scratch on it (smudges yes, scratches/cracks no -- no screen protector either).

    Either these people don't like cases or the iPhone 5 is significantly weaker than the iPhone 4.

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      It seems kind of stupid to get a beautifully thin phone, only to wrap it in a case. I wouldn't buy any phone that I felt required a case for protection. My Lumia 800 is nearly a year old now and has just one tiny, barely visible scratch on the Gorilla Glass over one of the buttons and a small chip/dent (also barely visible) on one of the top edges.

        I don't care about thin (that's just marketing buzzcrap 'cause we remember 90s mobiles), so perhaps that's why mine is solid. But I've never seen an iPhone without a case.

        My general rule of thump about a phone is: no thicker than my wallet. And judgin by the size of my case, I'd say I've added about two business cards to it's size. Three if you include the prepaid MasterCard I've put in the card holder on the back (I like that a lot too -- can't find wallet? Still got disposable money)

          I loathe cases. I've had my current iPhone 4 for 2 years now (contract is about to expire) and it had a case for the first few days before I stripped it off.

          2 years later and there's a single hairline scratch on the back of the glass and nothing else. It comes down to people being careless with very expensive hardware. Of course, I'm not accusing everyone with a broken screen of being careless, there are some unfortunate scenarios, but if you buy a phone with a giant sheet of glass on it, then it should be intuitive to take care of it. Unfortunately, some people aren't prepared to take responsibility.

          For some people, a case is a very good idea. Being careful is even more important, however. If someone doesn't have the facility to avoid dropping their phone on to hard surfaces without adequate precautions (cases), then they need to consider their options or take the blame.

          Summary: I hate cases. I am aware that my iPhone is made of glass, so that if it drops, there is a chance it will break. Hence, I am careful and do not drop it. If I were to drop it, it would be my fault.

          I would actually consider a subtle case on the iPhone 5, because it's thin enough that I wouldn't mind the extra bulk.

          My general rule of thump about a phone is: no thicker than my wallet.
          This is why the more you pay, the thinner they get. This seems to be a general rule of thumb in general.

          Hardly "marketing buzzkrap", thinness is very important to me as screen sizes increase. If my phone was as small as my wallet, and as flexible, I'd be happy for it to be equally thick but it's a lot taller and not at all flexible so it needs to be thinner to fit comfortably in my pockets. I have also never seen an iPhone without a case, for good reason - they are poorly designed and easy to break.

          "Rule of thump" is going straight to the pool room. I'd be far more likely to be without my phone than without my wallet.

            I'm sorry for my phones autocorrect. I'll be sure to edit out the typo in future...

        I haven't seen you comment on this site since you got owned in the Julian Assange comment section.

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          You need to read the interesting articles. I comment every day and stopped checking the Assange article after presenting the facts.

            lol presenting what facts? everyone disproved the ridiculous things you said, I suggest you go and read it again.

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        Regardless of what you make, someone will find a way to beak it. For whatever reason I recall people sending Wii Motes through TV screens, something I would have thought would be difficult to do but apparently people managed to do it.

        The iPhone 5 doesn't 'need' a case by any stretch, nor has any previous models. Sure, they may not look as pristine if you treat it poorly, but thats the same with any device. If you go without any protection and take care of it, then I don't think it will be any worse off than the Lumia you have with the odd minor scratch from regular wear and tear.

        If you really want to protect it theres other options too, such as skins etc which detract a lot less from the look but will protect from most light damage.

        my iPhone case is 0.5mm thick and gives my phone enough protection. who gives a crap.

          I've dropped my iPhone4 dozens of times (butterfingers) and its perfectly fine thanks to my Speck HD case, it barely adds any extra bulk, my phone is just a phone, not a god damn status symbol i don't have to show it off to feel better about myself. I just don't want to break when i inevitably drop it.

          I've dropped all my previous phones, my nokia 3210, 6110 and 6310 all got dropped and they had a built in inertial dampening system, the plastic case would pop apart and the battery would fly off, push it all back together and its as good as new.

            exactly, I think cases can add some individuality to your device, my girlfriend has about 10 of them she interchanges on hers. Don't know why people get so hung up about them

        fully agreed. I've always felt putting a phone in a case is like putting plastic over a lounge, or a 'car bra' on the front of a porsche.

        I personally have an iPhone 4S with no damage (maybe slight 'wear and tear' but only I can see it, apparently). I suppose maybe it's more breakable than your Lumia 800. But much like you, I'm assuming, I'm not careless with it.

        It's a several-hundred dollar piece of technology people, not a leather wallet.

    The thinnest phone ever certainly doesn't have the thickest and strongest glass ever. I'd say it has the thinnest weakest glass in production.

      did you watch the drop tests when it came out? it pwned the S3

        Every drop test i have seen has been extreamly biased. They always either put extra force into the s3 (throw instead of drop) or drop the s3 at strange angles while keeping the iphone flat or straight.

          Of course they did.....check the one done by android authority, he really wanted to iPhone to suck and still conceded that it was a stronger phone than the sammy.

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        Did you see the baseball bat test of the Lumia 920? Smack full force on the glass and it didn't break. Look for "920 destruction" on youtube

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          That is sick, so all that weight might actually mean a sturdier phone! I didnt get why everyone was complaining about the weight, any other gadget you look for that solid feel.

            A teardown of the Lumia 920 shows that it has a triple chassis, one frame is dedicated just to the screen. It probably acts as shock-absorbtion for damage to the screen!

    Have had my iPhone for 2 years and its not broke, argh, the grammar with kids these days really makes me wanna break something though, even more so when they end the line with YOLO, which is like ruinning fingernails against a blackboard that saying is.

      It's not "kids these days" It's twitter and its character limit. I hate adults these days who have no clue what young kids are like except for what they see on ACA and TT. Also, you want to be pedantic about grammar, you misspelt broken and running, that last sentence is also worded really strange "which is like ruinning fingernails against a blackboard that saying is."

      Last edited 27/12/12 9:09 pm

        It's not "adults these days" OR "kids these days". Let's all just get along folks.

        Gotta say I agree with Daveo, but then again when I was a teenager in the late 90s/early 2000s, I'm pretty sure I was annoying and insufferable. As, I'm sure, was Daveo. Teenagers today are no more or less annoying than they were 10, 20, 30 years ago.

        However, not absolutely blasting apart the English language at every opportunity would be nice. It is much worse on twitter, it seems.

        Also, ACA and TT - wow they're still on the air?!

      Surely a troll. You're grammar in that post is terrible too.

        I count two missed semi colon, two missed commas, one extended/fragmented sentence & one use of a pair of speech.

        Ahh, the art of the Semi-Colon; definitely a lost expression on 'kids these days'.

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          (ah, the plural 's') ;)

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            Huh? What?

            I'm sure I don't know what you could possibly mean....! ;-)

    I like the person that blamed their telco...

      That was my favourite. Obviously, the telco should have changed the gravity settings.

    Well thank god they don't have kids yet, let it be a life lesson. Look after it and it won't break

    This is actually pathetic, are people that careless about precious expensive items? I've had my Galaxy S3 for nearly 6-7 months and it's in perfect condition.

      Accidents happen, especially around Christmas when the house is full of kids.
      I lost one blackberry over the side of a ferry when some idiot slammed into me from behind and I was leaning over the rail, I thought it was more important to stay aboard and just let go of the phone in a split.
      I also broke a SGS screen in the first week of having it when a drunk knocked my whole table over. He took out 3 phones in one go, My SGS, a friends SGS2 (less then a month old) and an other friend had her new iphone in her hand bag on the ground and all the alcohol pored off the table into her bag and killed hers too..

      Just because they have broken phones does not mean they are negligent.

        This is true, but I'm sure in most cases they weren't all accidents like yours, people are careless. Trust me, I've seen hundreds of smashed iPhones in my lifetime and it's just disgusting.

    I have had my iPhone 4 for 2 years now, it has flown across the road when it fell out of my pocket getting in the car, been dropped countless times on everything, gotten wet (not dunked in water just splashed) dropped some more, thrown into my backpack with keys and stuff, fell out of my 4x4 into the dirt... and not once has it died or cracked.

    A friend had a Ericson once that slid of my dash out the window right under a truck. We got out and I thought his phone was gone, but he picked up all the pieces and clicked them back together and the phone was fine, had a few little marks in the plastic but apart from that it was OK.
    Don't make em like that any more.

    Considering the ridiculous uptake of new Apple gear, ten broken (in the silly season) out of how many sold so far is not bad.

      I'm also pretty sure there are probably more than a few more people out there lamenting the demise of their shiny new iPhone but with the grace to not tweet about it.

      If it wasn't an Apple product would we have had this story to comment on?

        If it wasn't an Apple product would we have had this story to comment on?

        If it were another company making the most popular single-manufacturer phone... yes. Yes we would.

          So true!

          I've never met an Apple user who really gives two sihts about what any other platform is being used out there, though the derision it causes others inspires me to buy more

          iPhone 5 is the single best looking, feeling phone ever & bar none... With the best up to market

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