You Won't Believe How Much Graphing Calculators Have Changed

Twenty-seven years after introducing the world's first graphing calculator, Casio has developed its most sophisticated educational Game Boy ever. Indeed, the new Casio fx-CP400's 320x528 resolution screen isn't just colour — it's a freaking touchscreen that flips from vertical to horizontal. That's a far cry from the drab 94x64 display on the the Casio fx-7000G from 1985.

Man this tech has come a long way. Let's hope the kids do more than play Drug War on the fx-CP400 when it's available next summer. [Casio via Engadget]

Image: Bob Blaylock/Wikimedia Commons


    wow, drug wars, i haven't played that in years, i remember being an expert in high school!

    The Casio classpad 330 touchscreen calculator made for the most frustrating 2 years of maths of my life. Let's hope this one is more responsive and more powerful.

    yeah and the graphing calculator game was pretty fun too ;)

    Putting a touch screen in a calculator is the STUPIDEST decision Casio have ever made. That bloody Casio classpad was the most frustrating, unresponsive piece of absolute crap I've ever used.

    Oh man, I've still got my hp48g from highschool.

    It broke for about two months last year and I didn't know what to do, cause who wants a different calculator? The buttons are in different spots.

    Isn't there an app for this?

      You'd think, although I don't see year 12s being allowed to take their iPads into VCE/HSC exams any time soon

        I also can't imagine them being able to take graphing calculators in as well. Standard calculators only if I remember?

          We were allowed to bring in ours (the one I mentioned above)

          Yeah we were only allowed Scientific Calulators, none of this fancy graphing shit! And I only did the HSC 4 years back.

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