You Can Now Buy Wine From Amazon, But Can You Get It Shipped To Australia? Maybe…

You Can Now Buy Wine From Amazon, But Can You Get It Shipped To Australia? Maybe…

Books are easy. E-books doubly so. But wine, the blood of Bacchus, harbinger of groping and maybe more? Now that’s what we’re talking about, Amazon. You can now get dirt cheap bottles of wine sent straight to your door, provided you know how to get it here.

Starting today, anyone in California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and the District of Columbia can get up to six bottles in one order, with a shipping cost of just $US10. You’ve got your reds, your sparklings, and you bet your silky bottom you can chug a rosé from Bezos, too. All in all, Amazon’s now selling over a thousand kinds of wine. Some are just nine bucks.

You’ll have to get an adult to sign for your shipment at the door, and you can’t get bubbly sent to an Amazon Locker yet — it’s almost as if the company foresaw the interest of underage kids.

To get it to Australia, you’ll have to do a bit of work, which includes finding a third-party international shipping service that can not only sign for a package, but also forward it on. Angus over at Lifehacker Australia has a few suggestions there.

Before you even do that, though, you’ll have to figure out how much tax you’re going to pay when importing it through Australia. Our local Customs and Border Protection Agency charge a whole lot extra on top when bringing things like alcohol and tobacco into the country, and it’s worth checking what you’re getting yourself into before you click ‘buy’.

Customs points out that a $400 wine will attract a duty and tax fee of $227, meaning that you’re bottle of wine might not be worth it after all. [Amazon]

Image: Erik Söderström/flickr