Would You Put Your Life In The Hands Of This Giant Pastel Magic 8-Ball?

Short of a subterranean mountain fortress, there’s nothing that will absolutely guarantee your safety in the event of a natural disaster. Everything else is a game of chance, which is maybe why the creators of the Life Armor designed this floating emergency life pod to look like a giant Magic 8 Ball.

“Will this giant sphere keep me safe?”

“Ask again later.”

Usually it’s hard to put a price on the safety of you and three other family members, but this time it’s easy. The Life Armor runs $US5000 and for that you get a plastic spherical shell that can withstand external pressures up to nine tonnes. It can even withstand drops from a height of over 25 metres, although that would be a little unpleasant for its passengers.

And in case you find yourself stranded for a while or washed out to sea, a built-in solar cell charges a battery-powered GPS tracker so eventually you’ll be found. [Pond Co via OhGizmo! via Damn Geeky]

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