Will.i.am's New Phone Case: Worse Than His Band

We steeled ourselves last week as we learned that frequent ruiner of things, Will.i.am planned to release a gaudy iPhone case that turned your iPhone's 8-megapixel camera into a 14-megapixeler. Now we have images and it's even more garish and ugly than we could have imagined.

As I post this through gagging fits, I look for some logic as to why one would wear one of these $US315 abominations around one's neck as Will.i.am modelled at the launch of the device. Maybe you have always dreamed of having your own Jesus piece, but you just can't pull it off. This might be the next best thing. It also would match nicely with your golden Gucci iPhone.

But just when the nausea is wearing off, you must know that this thing works with an app called i.am+foto,sosho™. Sound that one out for a second. The case, which Mr i.am says turns your smart phone into a genius phone, will also appear in a future music video. It goes on sale December 6.

Will.i.am, a man of many talents. He has a Grammy. He wears sunglasses indoors. He produced a special song for the Curiosity Rover. He has angular hair. He poops gold-rimmed iPhone cases.

Side note: the CEO of his company is Chandra Rathakrishnan. You remember Rathakrishnan, right? He was the guy behind the CrunchPad/JooJoo/Grid10. [The Telegraph via MacRumors]



    Jesus Christ, avert your eyes!

      There should be a NSFW tag on this.

      1 John 2:16-17 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

        bugger off somewhere else, there's a good boy....

    Can't wait to get one!!... Said no one ever.

      Also, that's not even the $315 case, that one costs $478. The $315 one is even uglier.


    Does anybody else get the impression that will.i.am doesn't hear "no" and "that's not a good idea" very often?

    I don't understand why anybody would buy this? You can buy a micro four thirds camera for that price.

      Especially when the case that actually upgrades the camera to 14MP is $478. You can by DLSR cameras cheaper than that.

    Have a look at Engadget's video interview for the gadget. The interviewer thinks it's pointless just like everyone else, they don't seem to get it...

      What a start of the week )))
      That was hilarious.

      Well, idiots deserve to be ripped off.

    Wait till the chinese make a $3 version of it than he will look even more stupid

      The Chinese are probably already making the legit version, they will just put it into a different box to resell.

    Woot a way to make the iphone look better :D

    Ow My Freakin Eyes.

    It's like that car that Homer Simpson designed that ruined his brother's car company:

      I never noticed the bowling hood ornament before. Cool. But what's with the door handle thingy?

      I don't know. I think that Homer car would actually sell.

        Given the generic, bland way all cars look today, something like that would probably be considered a style icon.

    I can obviously see the value of an addon that gives the phone a better camera: if you're travelling for example you might not want to be weighted down with a lot of stuff- with this you remove the need to take along a dedicated camera. -Smartphone cameras are good but still not up to real dedicated camera level yet.

    But these cases are gaudy, clunky, chunky and farrrrrrr too expensive. $100 is probably a more realistic figure for a case addon. The keyboard, filters, and custom social network are all just added garbage that makes it worse. Not surprising from the tool who sunk the Crunchpad (Rathakrishnan), if that'd been done right it'd have been there before the ipad, but he flubbed that one extremely hard. This just goes to show that wasn't bad luck but that guy's ineptitude.
    This William musician fellow is obviously just the idiot figurehead. He'll be losing money on this :)

    I'm tech savvy but not that technically knowledgeable to understand, but can someone explain how do you turn an 8mp sensor into a 14mp sensor simply by adding a lens?

      Never mind. Blondie just watched the video. *blush*. So why wouldn't I just spend that money on a decent compact camera instead of killing the battery in my iPhone and making it look gawdy?

    Just like his songs, this thing has no meaning. you can buy something similar from ebay around $ 30, when this is AUD $ 399 :-O

    It's misleading for them to claim that this case will turn your iPhone's 8mp camera into a 14mp camera. It does nothing of the sort. Firstly you need the app not the standard iPhone camera app. Secondly you are not using the iPhone's inbuilt 8mp camera you are plugging a 14mp camera into your iPhone, that is built into the case. Turn your iPhone into a 14mp camera would be correct.

    Dumb question alert! If it has a new lens and new sensor, why the hell is it positioned in the same spot as the existing iPhone lens? Surely, a more centrally placed lens/ sensor would make sense.

    I dunno, I wouldn't buy one (an iPhail either for that matter), but I can imagine there's plenty of hipsters out there that would buy junk like this, so the joke's more on the haters for not being the ones to invent the product that gets bought. Haters gonna hate, and be poorer for it.

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