Who Is Eddy Cue? The Guy Who Fixes All Of Apple's Problems

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services and Ferrari board member, is Apple's do-everything, fix-any-problem man. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, he's the guy who's in charge of fixing Apple Maps and Siri.

Because Scott Forstall is out at the company, Apple has tapped Cue to fix two of Apple's biggest gaffes. People describe Cue as the guy in charge of "all the most important services if Apple wants to grow" and was the guy championing a 7-inch tablet before Apple released the iPad Mini. He's not a showman though, the WSJ says Cue is uncomfortable on stage but was a trusted advisor to Steve Jobs. The WSJ:

Employees single him out as the rare senior Apple manager who likes to make small talk and discuss sports. (Mr. Cue is a Duke University basketball fanatic, and his office is full of photos of the team.)

Employees appreciate that he doesn't shy from acknowledging mistakes head-on by saying things like "We really f-ed up," said people who know him.

On top of all his other responsibilities, Cue is expected to launch iTunes 11 tomorrow. Given the sucktitude of iTunes in recent years, we'll see if Cue can really fix the mess that is iTunes. And if he does, maybe Apple Maps and Siri actually has a chance of becoming good. [WSJ]



    Gosh ther's been so many parodies of APple marketing that I can't be sure anymore if anything which starts with an 'i' is a joke or not. iFixit sure sounds like someone's joke.

      iFixit is actually the name of a website that does product tear-downs and repair guides. Their stuff features quite regularly on Gizmodo.


      iFixIt is a legitimate company that provides repair work (including DIY and parts) for not only apple products, but many other devices. Strange that they have placed it in the article in such a way.

    What can I say but good luck!

    I honestly think I am the only person in the world that actually finds Siri good. Yes, I'd like more functionality, but I've never had any problem using the functionality that Apple have added.

      no i liked it too. hey, i even like apple maps.

        Now you have taken things too far.

        To be honest, the only problem I have with Apple maps is the shocking business listings. The actual map seems to be reasonably accurate in my area.

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