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    Has anybody else been having trouble viewing the Gizmodo page on their iPad. Gizmodo crashes safari on my Ipad after about 20 seconds, doesn't seem to happen for any other page though.

      Having the same issues on my iPad. The whole site seems slow when on the iPad.

      Me too. Both Gizmodo and Lifehacker pages load really slowly on my iPad 3, with the occasional Safari crash.

    Anybody else managed to install Windows 8 as a full install, no need for upgrade..?
    I was very surprised to see it but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with installing onto an SSD or some other unknown reason. I have a couple more systems to install but I can't until I get the parts I need in. Makes me wonder if maybe MS made a mistake and shipped full OS's instead of upgrades :)

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      Is it a new PC build or you just want to blow away your old windows? If you choose that you don't want to keep anything it'll blow away the old install for you, it just wants to see it there before running.

        As I mentioned no upgrade. I simply installed it on a disk with no partition and it installed without asking for the previous OS. It acts like the full OS version of disk, not upgrade version.

          I'd be weary about how long your activated status will last. I did a full install with a full version Windows 7 disk using an OEM licence. Activated fine with no issues for almost a year, until a windows update came down and decided my windows was no longer genuine.

          I had to use a SLIC loader to get around it, but the point is Microsoft can be slow and lazy, but still catch you later.

            I've been building Windows PC's for twenty years and never seen this happen before. If it is a problem with the activation process (and by the way it is activated), then I'll just re-install 7 and go from there. It is weird though and I would be interested if anybody else has done it.

              Happened to me on two computers I'd done a full install from upgrade keys, and one I'd done a full install from OEM key. All happened toward the end of last year after a windows update, and calling microsoft they didn't care because I'd breached the EULA by installing it that way.

              It's because they support offline activation. You can install any OEM or upgrade as a clean install, it's the licence key which matters. It was the same with windows vista/7

                So does that mean what 'dknigs' said about the OS activation timing out will happen ?
                even though the OS say it's activated :)

                  I've only had that issue with a downloaded copy. I brought a windows 7 update for a vista laptop. The HDD in the laptop died and I installed windows 7 without installing vista first. Never had a problem. You would eventually get a problem if you run 2 machines on the same license.

                  Just a thought.
                  Try changing the system date to say, a year from now and see if Windows has a whine about activation.
                  Dunno. Just a thought. Not sure if it works based on time or surreptitious contact with an activation server.

                  @ JTG
                  Yeah, just tried that to see if you were right and there was no issue after reboot. It's definitely the upgrade version too. Although you wouldn't know it, I had to look up "Win Pro 8 32-bit/64-bit Eng Intl VUP DVD" from the bottom of the box to confirm it. Oh well, if it craps itself later on, I'll just reinstall one of my Win 7, XP or Vista disks. :)

    Can I ask the same question as last week?

    Anyymore news on the Mapple turn by turn?


    GTA V SPRING 2013 http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/10/gta-v-coming-in-spring-2013.html

    So now that the iPad 4 has been announced what's happening with all that iPad 3 stock that Apple must be sitting on? Is it just going in to the "Refurbished" shop and you play pot-luck (might get a refurb, might get a brand new) with the stock?

    Has anyone had notice from Microsoft that their surface tablet has shipped?

    Mines still listed as preordered... I don't see how it's going to make delivery before the 6th if it hasn't shipped already.

      I generally get products shipped in 2-3 days from asia and the US, so I don't think you have too much to worry about.

        I'm used to stuff from the UK taking up to 3 or 4 weeks, I assumed shipping from the US was about the same.

          UK and Europe is much slower shipping from experience, I usually get stuff in 8-12 days from that side of the world.

    Was up til midnight last night trying to get the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK installed on my windows 8 machine so I can develop apps for my 7.5 phone, got very very close. The reason I gave up? I found the windows phone 8 SDK comes out in less then 12 hours. How the hell did I miss that? It's out right now and my tiredness is unmerited.

      I'll admit, I lol'd at this.

        Not quite my reaction, I almost cried. Most of the night was waiting for installers and downloads. I was disabling video cards, complete uninstall/re-installs, BIOS configs. Forums, Forums, Forums. All for nothing.

        More hassles last night. Had to upgrade my windows 8 to pro, Still didn't work. Tried repairing the install, still didn't work. Enabled virulization in BIOS, still didn't work. Removed SDK 7.1 and repaired the 8.0 install. Worked... However I'm not able to use the designer in Visual studio, it comes up with designer load error, but works fine in Blend... I done some research and found it's a common problem with no known solution yet, so I'll figure that out later... At least now I can get to work - I uploaded my first app to my device at 12.07am (Just a button which displays a message box)...

        I just assumed I had pro... Why didn't I have pro!?!?!?! I'm an idiot lol... It turns out the SDK installer doesn't check for incompatibilities either, which is annoying because it would have saved me hours and hours of work.

          I just assumed I had Enterprise! I had pro!

          Have spent the past 2 weeks installing work software. Looking forward to doing it all again.

            I have to do a full reinstall too, I tried enabling virtulization in the BIOS but windows fails to load, it just keeps spinning the load icon. I guess it should have been turned on before I installed anything else, but it's another thing I just assumed was already rigged up... Maybe I should wait and see if it eventually boots, if not. Full reinstall coming this weekend!

    I am thinking of buying the latest Nexus 10 tablet when its released on the 13/11/2012, but received this from a friend. "I have just spent 7 hours trying to put music, photo's & movies on 10.1in Android Tablet. With out success. :(". My question is will I be able to put photo's movies etc., on to the tablet easily. I know it is not available yet, but some of the testers might know.

    Android is drag and drop. You will just need to connect the nexus 10 by usb and drag your media over. Android also works easily with dlna so you can stream from your computer with no extra software.

    There have been many ten inch android tablets that have been terrible, maybe your friend had one of these. Nexus 10 looks awesome. Kinds of wish my transformer wasn't still going so well so I could justify getting one myself.

    Picked up the iPad mini this morning. Loving it!

    Last chance get a proper lightning / 30 pin / micro USB retractable cable on kickstarter.

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