When You Sit Down, Does Your Bum Actually Touch The Chair?

There's a hackneyed scientific description of what it means to touch things: your arse never actually "touches" a chair when you sit down, so it goes, but is instead repelled because of electrons that come up against each other. But is that really the case?

This episode of Minute Physics attempts to get to the — ahem — bottom of the issue. In reality, it boils down to exactly what we mean when we say "touch". Watch it and find out. [You Tube]


    This was covered by Vsauce a while back too.

    This could be applied to anything touching anything else. In all escence, they can not touch, because if they did they'd become bonded to each other. If you smashed two objects hard enough together, then the force involved would enable them to touch through conversion of the kinetic energy to things that would enable said bonding, like heat.

      Well you can make two hydrogen atoms touch, but it does get a little messy what with you creating a sun and everything :P

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        Wait, you can make that happen?


    Unless I am not wearing any pants, then no, my arse doesn't touch the chair.

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