What's The Most Annoying Piece Of Tech You Couldn't Live Without?

Technology is great. It makes our lives easier. It lets us do things we could never do otherwise. And we all learn to hate some of it. It doesn't matter how wonderful its functionality is, and it doesn't matter how much we'd miss it if it gone; some tech just drives you up the wall. What drives you the most insane, even if you could never ever live without it?

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    Edit: Sorry, I thought the question was "What is the tech you COULD live without."

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    1. The internet
    2. Mobile phone

      I tried to think of tech I couldn't live without... Just can't. "The internet" comes the closest, because it's so amazingly useful.


    the plethora of chargers for all devices from phones to laptops. i stayed in a hotel on the weekend - i needed a charger for my ipad, a charger for my phone and a charger for my camera. if the new surface tablet and ipad 4 and ultrabooks and macbooks can have slimline power adapters, why cant we settle on the physically smallest adapter that can power all the devices and use that as a standard? or you know, move to ubiquitous wireless charging already.

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      We'd just end up with several competing standards for wireless charging. And it'd be less obvious that your device can't charge in close proximity to that wireless charger you've come across. At least the wrong plug doesn't even fit.

        make the device smart enough to step down/up whatever the wireless charger is sending out then :)

      Get yourself some non-Apple gear and all of a sudden everything uses microUSB. Amazing huh?

        Yup that Microsoft surface sure does like using it.

        Yeah "all" non-apple laptops charge with micro usb, ditto digital cameras.

        i am replying to whitepointer but it is showing up as replying to myself...

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        what are you talking about? i am an android lover with an ipad. show me how my laptop charges with microusb.

      I pretty much have that now. I only carry my laptop charger with me and I can charge absolutely everything else via USB, from my laptop - phone, Kindle, ZuneHD and Playbook. Even my travel speakers and all my bike lights charge via USB and of all of those, the ZuneHD is the only one that needs a special cable, so I only need two cables to handle everything.

    Computers; Make the hard jobs easy and the easy jobs hard.

    Since we don't actually need tech, but the question is the most annoying, I'ma have to go with my earphones. Damn things get tangled when I turn away from them for a moment.


    FAX! Dear lord fax should be banned. Even if we can't abolish faxes we should abolish those who seem to think that fax is somehow magically more reliable and legal than email.

      But I have a fax receipt! It's your fault if you can't find it or it never arrived! How dare you suggest I have to fax it again? You're just stuffing me around for the fun of it, I have the receipt!

      ^^Typical customer who uses fax.

      Ugh this times a million. People past their used by date thinking it's somehow more convenient and secure than email.


      This. Wireless Tesla charging can't come toon enough.

    Fax is much more secure for financial organisations than email

    The fundemental problem that most tech relies on: WIRES.

    powerboards. I have about 6 of them running in my tiny flat. just waiting for one of them so set fire to the place. I guess "plugs" is the real problem. I have too many. so much juggling. all those wires makes vacuuming difficult!

    the vacuum! there's another one. I did buy a robot vacuum but I need to get rid of some wires before its safe for him to come out. see what I mean?

    Networks of any kind, including the internet. Network printers not talking to each other, Wi-Fi not connecting, sharing not correctly setup on each computer, Homegroup, Public/Private settings, IP/DNS issues, STUPID OLD WINDOWS MOBILE PDA. I'm sure there's more that I just can't think of at the moment...

    Batteries. Gadgets need power. Batteries allow us to take our gadgets anywhere we want. But we are slaves to them. We fight over the last socket at the airport terminal so that we can charge our gadgets. We complain bitterly about "battery life". We make excuses so that we can retain our battery power until we can charge it again.

    But seriously, batteries or other kinds of portable energy are the new frontier. If we can find a way to package way more power in a smaller space with affordability and convenience, then we will have the next tech revolution. Right now we're just tinkering with batteries to make them last longer.

      Batteries! They run out, you have to carry around ridiculously annoying chargers and cables of all different sorts and types to charge them again, they are heavy and they die after a few thousand cycles. Get rid of them I say!

    Facebook. I've deleted my account a couple of times but it means I'm kept out of the loop. I've resigned to the fact that facebook is simultaneously annoying and useful at the same time.

    I don't really have any these days. One by one I have managed to eliminate all of the frustrations of a tech laden life. My headphone leads are nylon sheathed and just fall out straight, even after weeks of being stuffed into my laptop bag. I hardly have anything that requires batteries any more and those few things that do - wireless keyboard and mouse - last a ridiculously long time (minimum 6 months of heavy use). I get 3 days of normal use from my phone, about 6 hours from my laptop, a week from my ZuneHD and 6-8 weeks from my Kindle and everything charges from my laptop, via USB, so I only need to carry one PSU.

    Even related frustrations have been reduced/eliminated by increasingly useful and pervasive tech. e.g. Rechargeable bike lights last for ages between charges and give plenty of warning of low charge so I never get caught out. (All USB rechargeable.) My laptop is a fraction of the weight and size of previous models, the PSU even moreso, which saves my aging shoulders when I'm on the go. And because my phone is so much more useful than they used to be, I can get away with carrying far less stuff with me when I'm traveling. My once bulging laptop bag now looks empty when it is fully packed with everything I need for a long trip. It is truly amazing how much better things have got for me in the past three years or so. In fact, I think this would make a good blog topic. I still have my last big laptop so I can pack my laptop back for a circa 2009 and 2012 comparison.

    electricity... but really its the keyboard as there is no working replacement ... speech to text is still pretty poor and in turn so is speech recognition.

      and could you imagine an office where everyone was speech to texting.

    Alarm clock - Without it I wouldn't have a job, without a job, I couldn't buy any more gadgets.

    Speed and Red light cameras. Kinda want them to stop doing crazy things, but don't want the fines.

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