Watch A Drunk Person Try Windows 8 For The First Time

What happens when a computer-literate person gets drunk as hell and encounters Windows 8 for the first time? Frustration for them, hilarity for you. Thank you, drunk people, for telling it like it is through the thick veil of beers.

The experiment in inebriation was put together by Three Sheets Market Research, which makes its home at the intersection of booze and UX. As they point out, navigating a new operating system for the first time can be challenging in any circumstance; being a slurry, blurry mess only makes things worse.

On the other hand, our Guinness guinea pig makes some fair points, and compares having to use Internet Explorer to Microsoft saying "suck my arse". And that's in vino veritas if I ever heard it. Twitter]


    Win8 is crap. Brand new laptop nothin but problems. Once a week or so my metro apps completely stop working and I have to reinstall them all. Also refuses to let me play games because it's not wanting to connect to my Xbox account. An the scrolling around. Oh wow - that really doesn't work either - and gestures force me to do accidental clicks etc. rant over...

      Personally, I think Windows 8 is good - there are a lot of noticeable improvements.

      Metro/Modern UI on the other hand, is the spawn of Satan's mother.

      It's akin to what they had with Windows Mobile back in the early days - a desktop interface inappropriately shoved onto a touch screen. Now they’re trying to do the exact opposite to PC users.

        I'm inclined to agree.
        I never liked the whole Metro UI in any form. Its crap give me a standard desktop please... No really its annoying.

      I'm lovin' win8... sure you gotta put brain cells in action and dont skimp on hardware 'cause you will encounter traditional probs... you dont have to spend a fortune but you do need to get it right!

        Classic fear of change. This same reaction happened with XP, Vista, 7, OSX and pretty much every OS update I've ever seen. I find the operating system really easy to use while staying beautiful.

    I wouldn't call her computer illiterate at all. She seems like your average user... only drunk.

      They do say computer-literate

        Haha, oh cheers, My bad :P could have made a real arse of myself there.

    You don't have to be drunk to be like this... The video pretty much emulates my first impressions!
    They REALLY need a tutorial following installation, or alternatively make it more "intuitive" cause, it plain aint intuitive!

      Normally people do struggle with something new... You know... Because they haven't learned how it works and how to use it yet...

        I don't think it's too much to ask from Microsoft to introduce something new that is intuitive. That's the thing about Win 8 - it's completely unintuitive.

        Software CAN be intuitive. If your 2 year old can use it, if your grandmother can use it, and if a drunk person can use it - then it's intuitive (in my books).

      As I just said to a co-worker this morning, I think I only ever see the start screen 5 or 6 times a day.

      And I use windows 8 for about 8-10 hours a day.

      Experience for me? Not changed in the slightest.

      They do have a tutorial dude. Maybe not in the preview versions, but the official release, there is a tutorial that I happily skipped on first run... I think people spend too much time complaining to everyone except Microsoft. I bet the majority of people who bash it online do so thinking Microsoft sifts through Gizmodo all day looking for feedback. I used the appropriate Microsoft Feedback tool when I found bugs or annoyances, I'd assume that's how they want to be told if it's good or not. Most people just downloaded the previews, didn't give feedback, but expected Microsoft to have fixed it for them.

        I bought and installed the official version and never saw a tutorial after installation..
        Maybe it ran during the install, but I wasn't there to watch it. I clicked Install and then went into the lounge room to watch something whilst it did its thing, just like I've done for every other version.
        If that's the "tutorial" then it's the dumbest tute ever! Tutorials should get you to perform the actions, otherwise it's just a slideshow.
        I've since learned a few things from reading online but, so far, I think it still sucks without a touchscreen.
        I've installed a start menu on the desktop and I'm hoping that over the course of time, I'll read a few more tips that might make "formerly called Metro" useable.

          Uh yeah. Sorry, mine was with a new HP laptop :S I didn't pay attention doing a clean install on the old laptop.

    Using it daily, and have no problems with it at all. Anyone with a brain can figure it out.
    So... just another biased article then?

    ha ha this is very funny. I have been using w8 for several months on consumer preview and now full pro really do get used to it and after a while I have come to really prefer it to 7 so give it time people... it is actually quite intuitive once you understand it well. There are work arounds for google... if you need just look it up there is a website that allows you to download it on to your metro screen which is what i did. Still this chic is hilarious!

    After resolving a few issues with drivers and BSODs upon initial upgrade, Windows 8 is running extremely fast and smooth. I don't use the Metro UI at all, and I installed Start8, which really nicely restores the Win7 start button. I would find it difficult returning to Win7 after using this speedy, light and cosmetically refreshed OS.

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    How do I exit (email) program?..

    Uhm.. try the big X, which is what has ALWAYS closed apps.

    How do I do this.. I'm hovering my cursor over it and it's not doing anything..?

    Uhm.. you have to "click".. and with a tablet that means tapping..


    Seriously.. this person would have have difficulty even if she wasn't drunk. A total moron could have done better.

      You serious dude? Your just as dumb as she then. Point is windows 8 has no big x button to close apps.

    I don't think this lady is really drunk. This is just a not- so- subtle ploy to make windows 8 look bad.

    The problem with Windows 8 is they can't win. If they had done an update everyone would have said it's the same give us something new. They made something new and every one is, I'm scared of change I want the old one.

    Put Windows 7 in front of a drunk person who has never used Windows before: I promise you they will have less of an idea and be infinitely more confused than this woman using Windows 8.

      Also: put anybody in front of MAC OSX and watch this exact same reaction...they have no clue. "Where are my apps?" they say, "Where is My Computer?" they say. Every OS is the same - you actually need to learn how to use it...intuitive UI still needs to be taught - especially if it is minimal and hidden. Journalists do not get it.

      +1 here too.

      Yes - after a few hours for us tech savvy ppl, it's fine. But for the 'average joe' it's painful to start with... and it's not intuitive - you have to learn it!

    She nailed it! I wasn't even drunk and had the very same sentiments.

    I think this is worth while and necessary product testing. Microsoft and other software company's should do this for all of their consumer focused products. I mean clearly it works for Apple, who tests it's products on the companies executives children before we see them. And look how intuitive their products are.
    I'm a systems admin who works almost exclusively with Microsoft and linux products, so you could say I'm a bit of a Microsoft fan boy. But I'm REALLY disappointed in Microsoft's decision to force this clearly tablet orientated operating system on everyone.
    I will be upgrading my LAPTOP to a Surface or something before I use windows 8 on a day to day basic and having said that it does make me want to get a Surface. But there I won't be upgrading my desktop or my clients systems to windows 8 anytime soon.

    The most used feature of Windows 8 is it's Windows 7 interface XD

    A touchscreen interface and a desktop interface had sex and created a horrific, nightmare love child.

    But still, a 12 year old can learn how to use it quicker than an adult.

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