Two Weeks, 4800km And Three Minutes Of Insanely Great Video

When Mike Matas and Sharon Hwang decided to go on an epic road trip from San Francisco to New York City, they thought it would be fun to make a lasting record of it. We're glad they did, because this time lapse is enough to inspire anyone to hit the road and leave their cares behind.

Matas took thousands of photographs during the trip, but compiled 5000 of them into this beautiful three-minute time lapse. Combined with illustrations by Hwang and music by the couple's buddy Patrick Brooks, the video provides an amazing glimpse into their trip. It makes me want to plan a road trip so bad. [Vimeo]


    Gorgeous video. I am heading over to their website to thank them for making it.

    I am going to make that trip myself one day.

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    I made a timelapse of my big road trip earlier this year too. It's a bit longer, and I didn't cut anything out, but starts in LA, then went to San Diego, San Fran, Napa, Fort Bragg, Bandon, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Seattle and then down inland through Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, before winding up in San Francisco.
    Ours was ~4,000mi, 3 weeks and is about 20 minutes of video.

    Watching stuff like this makes me want to go back. Route 66 would be a good one to do!

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