Torch Revolver Guns Down Things That Go Bump In The Night

Presumably invented to deal with monsters like the Bogeyman before modern science proved they didn't exist, this functional torch includes a .22 calibre seven-shot revolver on the business end. Perfect for peering under a dark bed and dealing with whatever's hiding under there.

Another more accurate theory is that it was produced in the early 1920s by Buffalo-based S.P. Cottrell & Son for use by security guards and night watchmen as a quick way to deal with intruders as soon as they were spotted. And you thought that baseball bat torch was dangerous. At least you can run from that.

[Collector eBooks via Neatorama via Pocket Pistols, Historic Firearms, & Curiosities]



    Kind of cool in terms of innovation.. but I don't like guns..

    Ouch if you press the wrong switch!

    How does it reload?

      Presumably it's like any normal revolver setup - the mechanism just hinges out sideways and you slide the rounds into the newly revealed chambers?
      on closer inspection of the pics it looks like you could probably just slide them straight into the back on the left hand side, turn the mechanism and load the next one and so on.

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