This Weighted Pen Will Never Roll Off A Table

How much would you pay for a miraculous pen that’s guaranteed to never roll off a table? What’s that you say? Maybe a couple of bucks because that’s really only a problem that plagues ship captains, students with wonky IKEA desks, and people who live directly on fault lines? It’s a good thing the makers of this Yulasha pen embedded with an off-centre weight are only asking three dollars for it then. [Nikkei via Damn Geeky]


    My Bic pens cost me $2 for pack of 10 and they don't roll because they're hexagonal.

      reminds me of the story of how the americans spent millions (billions?) trying to develop pens that would work in space, and the russians just used pencils. this pen is pointless.

        Probably becomes pretty uncomfortable too with uneven weight distribution. But the Japanese do what they want.

        it was a private company that developed the space pen (they weren't commissioned to do so) that then sold them to nasa. russia also uses the same pens. pencils aren't used in space crafts due to the possibility of broken shards of graphite getting into the equipment and breaking it

        Urban myth.

    Do the pens write in Japanese as well as shown in the video?

    It looks like a pacer, not a pen, never knew you could rub out a pen with an eraser.

    so they created a weighted pen to stop it from rolling yet add a fin to it that stops it from rolling anyway? $3 WELL SPENT

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