This Is Why You Should Backup Your Own Data, Especially the Nudes

This Is Why You Should Backup Your Own Data, Especially the Nudes

When it comes to something like transferring your data from your old phone to your new phone, sometimes it’s just better to learn how to do it yourself. Why? Your carrier can sometimes do it for you at the store, but it takes a while, sometimes they’ll charge you and they might also steal the nude photos you left on there. 

That’s exactly what two guys in Florida who work for Verizon got caught doing (the stealing nude photos part). During the process of backup, one Joshua Stuart copied a few racy pictures — described by their subject as “very private in nature and [depicting] her breasts and vagina” — for his own private stash and to share with a co-worker. 

Stuart was caught when he stupidly offered to show “banging pictures” of the woman to another (male) customer, who just happened to be a friend of the lady said “banging pictures” depicted. Stuart couldn’t find the pictures on his own phone though, so co-worker Gregory Lampert displayed his copies.

The bewildered friend turned to the police, who got a search warrant for the store, found the pictures and arrested Lampert who admitted to having pulled this stunt before. Stuart fled the state and will face felony stolen property and theft charges like his co-worker if and when he returns.

So the next time you have to transfer some data, it might be best to try and do it yourself. And if there’s no way you can, at least make sure you get rid of your nudes first, or hope anyone who’s going to steal them is dumb enough to get caught like this. [The Register]