Buyer Beware: Why Your New Gadget Might Be Dead Before You Leave The Shop

As soon as you buy a gadget, you want to carefully unbox it and swoon over it for the rest of the day. Nobody can hurt your new baby, right? It's worth thinking about what happened to your gadget before you got it. This video, posted to YouTube late last week, purports to show three Walmart employees in the US shuffling stock in the warehouse of a store in Kentucky. While it's unclear how representative it is, it may be enough to put someone off buying electronics from that particular shop, or even any shop, ever again.

The bearded guy opens the video by explaining "this is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart", before he and his colleagues throw stock around the place, deliberately throwing boxes on the floor at times. It's tough to make out if those are iPad boxes in the video, so it's difficult to 100 per cent prove its veracity.

But if the video is real, it's kind of unbelievable that people would treat electronics like this. Also, if it is genuine, it's likely these guys won't have a job for much longer. Even if they're just throwing around an empty box, though, knowing that staff with an attitude like this are handling products you're stumping up hundreds of dollars for is difficult to stomach.

We're lucky enough not to have a string of Walmart stores in Australia (yet), but it's worth checking your gadget before you leave a store in future to see if this string of abuse is rampant in the retail industry. [YouTube via Reddit]

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