This Gorgeous Digital Hourglass Replaces Sand With Falling Pixels

Every smartphone comes with a timer, but you'll soon ditch your app for Metaphys' Nebula digital hour glass the minute you see its glowing pixels drop. Even if at over 30cm tall it gobbles up more kitchen counter space than it really needs to.

Powered by a pair of AA batteries or a USB connection, the $US62 Nebula can be easily programmed in one minute increments using one of the two buttons on top. So if you just need 30 seconds on the clock you're out of luck, but who cares when watching this thing in action is so mesmerising? When the timer runs out and all of the pixels have fallen to the lower section, a beeping alarm will sound to notify you in case you're not watching. But, really, who would ever let this out of their sight while it was running?

[Metaphys via Leibal]

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