This Gorgeous Cherry Tool Chest Is Just Better Than Your Craftsman

Woodworkers are an exacting bunch, so you have to figure the most coveted storage system for wood-working tools would be a masterpiece. A century after company patriarch Henry Gerstner assembled his first tool chest, H. Gerstner & Sons is still hand-building the most excellent boxes in the world.

H. Gerstner & Sons' Pro Series 1 System is for the tradesman who refuses to compromise. Seriously, look at all those drawers. You'd need an epic collection of chisels, planes, squares, and clamps to fill them all up. It would take a lifetime to fill this thing to capacity — which is exactly how long H. Gerstner & Sons says it will last.

The three piece system includes a rolling bench, base, and a chest made of either American Cherry or Golden Oak. And yeah, it costs $US5410 because every detail is finished and fitted into place with hand tools. Sure, these aren't for everybody, but you can't help but melt a little bit looking at these lovely boxes. [GerstnerUSA]

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