This Visa Infinite Credit Card Costs $100,000 And An Idiot's Soul

This credit card is made of gold and diamonds. Called Visa Infinite, you have to pay $US100,000 to the Russian 'Sberbank in order to get it. You also need to be a complete idiot. A very rich idiot, but a complete imbecile nonetheless.

The card itself costs $US65,000 to make. The other $US35,000 get deposited in your account, under the name Mr or Ms I'm the idiot who just spent $US65,000 on an ugly credit card. And no, don't tell me I'm jealous because I don't have the money to have such a stupid thing in my wallet — even if I had Warren Buffet's fortune I'd still not get one of these disgustingly garish cards.



    Haters gonna hate, frankly this article is vomit inducing. It's not the card, its that Jesus is such a massive arse.

      What I find vomit inducing is the predictable, boring and derivative over use of memes...

    Ok, so I don't speak Russian.
    Could someone please tell me what it has to do with the iphone 5?

      Complementary iPhone and credit card case from Mont Blanc

    you missed very important bit iPhone5 and something called Montblanc as a gift :)

    also as one of the perks "~additional benefits for Visa in Kazakhstan and other countries" ... that got to be the deal breaker

    It's interesting to note that someone would rather steal that card than just the details off the card. The card is worth $65K right?

    Since it is gold and no magnetic swipe, if you fall short of cash, do you take pieces off the card to pay? Instant cash ??

    Maybe it's just a deposit and you get the money back when you close your account. Russians give money back right?

    The fact that this thing even exists shows that the world has broken

    This is awesome .. work with me here, get one of these cards and lose one once a month and have it replaced, you will make your money back in no time!

    Quite irritating when a formerly communist country can out-capitalist a capitalist country (America)

    If this had of been invented in the U.S. you can bet every billionare and his doggy would have one.

    Status symbol baby, status symbol. Only goes to show that we are all the same, regardless of political ideology.

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