This Collapsible Wireless Keyboard Is As Pocketable As Your Phone

Between yesterday's expanding iPad keyboard case and this smaller collapsing alternative for smartphones, Elecom seems to have its sights on conquering the portable Bluetooth keyboard market. But victory will depend on whether or not the Japanese company make its products more affordable.

The sliding mechanism splits the keyboard in the middle so both halves can stack atop each other, while a folding cover doubles as a stand for smartphones in portrait or landscape orientations. But it works with any device that can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard, and with a fresh AAA battery you can expect to get about eight months use before needing a replacement. The TK-FBP049E is also available in your choice of white or black, but that option doesn't even come close to justifying its $US182 price tag.

[Elecom via PC Watch]



    Please don't give Elecom credit for creating the iPad case, I believe that is called plagiarism.

    8 months? Sounds pretty incredible to me. Would love to see a field test of this.

      My Logitech k400 easily gets that much out of a fresh set, my MS Arc would be close as well.

    The phone sits *on* the keyboard, in contact with it.

    Can anyone explain why on Earth it's wireless then? What's the point of it being wireless?

      I guess the upside to that is it'll work on multiple phones regardless of port type. I can't tell from the source websites whether that's the case though..

    The keyboard looks as cramped and as uncomfortable to type on as... the iphone on-screen keyboard...

      Yes, this is why the iPhone and similar handsets have been so unsuccessful.

    I am for anything that could replace the Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard that eventually succumbed to entropy. I'm a bit concerned that the spacebar is so thin; a problem I had when using the replacement Freedom Pro Bluetooth though.

    I had one of these ages ago. Infrared instead of bluetooth, but it was back in <2002.

    Looks just like the one I had for my palm PDA

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