The World's Largest T-Shirt Cannon Is Monsterously Ridiculous

T-shirt cannons are typically tiny little toys that shoot out free t-shirts to rabid fans who want nothing more than a free t-shirt tagged with a silly phrase and drenched in crappy sponsors even though they spent hundred dollars on their to come to the game. This T-shirt cannon though? It’s a freaking monster. It’s the world’s largest T-shirt cannon.

The T-Shirt cannon, named the Big Bella, is the pride and glory of the Philadelphia 76ers and its specs are laughably awesome:

On opening night, the Sixers will unveil Big Bella, the world’s largest T-shirt launcher that fires 100 tees in just 60 seconds. Big Bella weighs 600 pounds and, when firing T-shirts into the upper reaches of the Wells Fargo Center, can be up to 10 feet high. The team commissioned the creation of Big Bella from FX in Motion, an entertainment elements company out of New Berlin, Wisc. The team will also drop T-shirts, free game tickets and other promotional items from the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center down to fans below in a new themed “Sixers Parachute Drop.”

I think we should use Big Bella in warfare. [The 700 Level via The Basketball Jones]

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