The Ute Of Bikes Laughs At Handlebar Baskets

The next time you ride your bike to the supermarket and discover you can't stock up on discount watermelons because of your wimpy basket, you'll wish you had the cargo-carrying capacity of the Donky. It's designed for hauling full-on golden labs, not wimpy Toto-like terriers.

The bike's ample cargo capacity is made possible with a strong square beam that transfers the load from the front and back cargo racks through the Donky's frame. So there's no weight on the handlebars, and no flimsy rack hanging off the back. Its compact size also makes it great for urban dwellers, with a small turning radius and the ability to squeeze into an apartment with minimal fuss. At almost $US800 though, you might still be better off being really nice to your one friend with a ute.

[Donky Bike via Laughing Squid]


    That is a horrible colour for a bike. The design also looks very uncomfortable

    Well it would make getting beer easy not to mention safer but $800? For another couple of hundred you can buy a half decent road racing bike. Small production numbers is probably the cause.

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