The UK Government Actually Listed A Job Posting For A 00 Agent

The UK government's official job site briefly posted an opening for a position called "Target Elimination Specialist". The job code? 007. No doubt it comes with a licence to kill.

That is, it would if it were real. Obviously the posting was a joke, and has since been removed, but while it lasted, it listed requirements of five or more years of experience, a bachelors degree, and presumably a fondness for martinis. The government sponsored job site has reportedly been criticised for being inefficient and being riddled with mistakes, and this posting that promised new hires a Walther PPK and a jetpack definitely speaks to those concerns. I mean, the email address was even [email protected]

Since the posting is down now, you won't be able to apply, but let's face it; you're probably not qualified. [The Verge]

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