The UK Government Actually Listed A Job Posting For A 00 Agent

The UK government's official job site briefly posted an opening for a position called "Target Elimination Specialist". The job code? 007. No doubt it comes with a licence to kill.

That is, it would if it were real. Obviously the posting was a joke, and has since been removed, but while it lasted, it listed requirements of five or more years of experience, a bachelors degree, and presumably a fondness for martinis. The government sponsored job site has reportedly been criticised for being inefficient and being riddled with mistakes, and this posting that promised new hires a Walther PPK and a jetpack definitely speaks to those concerns. I mean, the email address was even [email protected]

Since the posting is down now, you won't be able to apply, but let's face it; you're probably not qualified. [The Verge]


    Yeah as if the HOTMAIL email address wouldn't be a big give away

    contact: [email protected] ?? Really??

    I would be very surprised that mi6 would use hotmail for a reruitment job

    Did no one notice the end?
    "To apply for this role, Please express your interest somewhere in the vicinity of the large and rather fake looking rock in Regent's Park."

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