The Onion Explains Social Media More Accurately Than Anyone Has Before

The Onion's TED parody series rolls on with what may be the best — and most scathing — round yet. The target this time? Social media, a joyous place where ideas are a waste of time, and talent is irrelevant.

Sounds about right to us. Oh by the way, could you be a doll and share this on Facebook for us?


    "you just have to look like you are doing work and people will pay you for it" This has been going on since the beginning of time. Social media just makes it easier for people to do this.

    This is fantastic. Referencing some of this for my assignments.

    This cuts pretty fricken close to the bone! The biggest issue I find in this industry isn't the fake follower thing, it's the idea that lots of followers means anything anyway.
    In theory it could, but the way people approach it is "get followers... something... profit!". Underpants Gnome economics.

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