The Most Grotesque Fanless CPU Cooler I've Ever Seen

Official description: "The Zalman CNPS FX100-Cube is fanless and noiseless CPU cooler, which does not draw dust or generate vibration due to its passive operation." Unofficial description: LOOK AT THIS FREAKING MONSTER HEATSINK!

Made of copper and aluminium, this 880g cooling thingamajig works with 77W TDP (Thermal Design Power) processors, "including Intel's i7-3770K". I admire those who still build their own PCs. Respect. [Fanlesstech]


    To be fair; who spends a whole lot of time Looking at their CPU?
    And if it really is noiseless and heatless, then sign me up.

      Look at the size of it though man! Your case would be hugely horribly distended to accommodate it. That's not being "fair", that's being blind.

        Doesn't look a whole lot bigger than many high end bi/tri fan coolers

    I estimate it to be around 160 to 180mm talls so it would fit into my Antec Tower with no problem, the issue here, is the weight. That quite a heavy object to be suspended horizontally of your mobo CPU slot.

    You guys really need to get the reply and edit functions fixed here.... :{

    It's not unusually huge or heavy so don't worry about it fitting inside a case or ripping your mobo apart. 1kg heatsinks aren't unheard of and ones as tall as this isn't even abnormal.

    It is however quite ugly :P not the ugliest heatsink I've seen still. Will be interesting to see reviews when it's released, aiming a passive heatsink at high end cpu's is an odd combo.

    Not really bothered how it looks, how well does it work ?

    I shudder to think of all the brilliant inventions out there that never made it because they weren't "aesthetically pleasing" to the eye.

    Today it seems people are more concerned with how technology looks rather than how well it works.

    I'm guessing Mr Diaz uses an Apple.

    Last edited 18/11/12 1:25 am

      Exactly, For a passive fan, I think it looks quick good, It would fit in well with most gaming setups

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