The Cardboard Box Finally Gets A Genius Upgrade

If you've got a big move coming up, you might want to take some inspiration from this Red Dot Design Award-winning update to the lowly cardboard box. The Corner Box adds a small indent to one of the bottom corners, giving you a spot to easily lift or drop a box without squashing your fingers.

Unfortunately since the Red Dot Design Awards are usually only doled out to concepts, you won't be able to find a Corner Box anywhere just yet. But you can probably make your own with a regular cardboard box, a hammer and a few strategically placed blows. You'll end up losing a tiny bit of space inside the box as a result, but that's a small price to pay for all 10 fingers being in perfect working order at the end of a move. [Red Dot Awards via Fast Co.Design]


    Chances are if you're worried about squashing your fingers under a cardboard box, you won't know how to use a hammer.

    And now the box needs to be slightly larger to fit the same size item (most packaged items fit flush in the box) which creates more waste/cost more.

    It would be a tiny amount per box, but these are things that companies look at when they make untold millions of them.

    Many boxes already have handle holes in them which don't reduce the amount of space in them. If you're shifting loads of boxes, then wearing a pair of grippy rubber coated gloves makes it a lot simpler.

    Can we all agree that everyone's purpose for a box is different. Some people can utilize the handle holes, some might want the corners poked in like this idea.. others just want normal boxes.. some might want boxes with external handles attached on... everyone is different.

    I tend to just use the handles provided on the sides of the box...

    This is just reinventing the wheel by making it an oblong...
    Stupid solution to a problem that has long since been solved by handle holes.
    Doesn't deserve a mention let alone an award.

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    Oh dear, the cardboard box just squashed my fingers....

    What sort of wus (sic) can't deal with a regular box.. all of the above ideas are good. As there are as many different uses for boxes as there are people ,why not have a customisable box factory.. everyone can order the boxes they want. it should only add $100 or so to the cost of each box...Gizmodo readers will appreciate the flexibility of the design and obviously pay the price. normal people will go and get a regular box.

    One secret to moving with boxes, use smaller boxes, that way you don't put 100 kg of stuff into one box and make it fall apart... Cardboard really isn't very strong, if the box is so heavy it squashes your fingers, you probably put too much in it, or use a plastic crate....

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