Telstra's Nokia Lumia 920 Pre-Orders Are Delayed Because JBL

Did you pre-order a Nokia Lumia 920 from Telstra? Bet you're excited for it to ship today, right? Wrong. You'll be waiting until the end of the week for it, simply because JBL can't get its act together.

That's right, the free bonus speaker you were going to get as a thank-you for pre-ordering a Lumia 920 from Telstra is exactly what's holding up the handsets from shipping to eager little gadget birds crying out for sweet new tech from the postie.

Telstra sent an email around to those who have pre-ordered today apologising for the delay, saying that deliveries will now start from 30 November. Telstra is offering 3 months worth of free Xbox Music to compensate for the screw up.

Here's the full text of the email (thanks to Alex for sending this in):

Thanks for pre-ordering your Nokia Lumia 920 online from Telstra.
Unfortunately there has been a delay in delivery of the new JBL PlayUp speaker which comes free with your handset and as a result all orders will now be delivered from November 30th. We sincerely apologise for this delay.
As a show of appreciation for your patience we will be offering you a free 3-month Xbox Music subscription - so look out for it in your inbox over the coming days. If you no longer wish to proceed with your order, call 1300 131 113 before 12.00pm (EDT) November 28th.
Once again, our apologies for any frustration this delay may have caused.
See you online soon,
Gerd Schenkel Executive Director, Telstra Digital Sales and Service

Anyone feel like shouting at JBL? Let it all out in the comments.



    Luckily mine is on hold at JB Hifi.

    Went to pick it up today, was within half a metre of it. Tried to pay for it, and the guy told me that JB's system has locked the phone out from being sold. Have to go back tomorrow.


      Ditto I got the call today but she said I can't collect till tomorrow. Telstra wont let anyone sign up on contract with it till tomorrow.

    i got the call to pick mine up today at harvey norman, very happy

    OMG NOO. Send the phone without the free peice of crap! I'll pick it up if I want it later. Grrr.
    I guess I'm waiting.

    What if you are like me and already have a subscription to XBox Music.. WTF Telstra!! Argghh angry face.

      Yep, just a wasted pass to me too.

        It is likely that the free 3 months will be an Offer Code which you can apply to your current account. When I had troubles with Zune Pass a while ago this is what Microsoft gave me (although that one was only 1 month).

      Give it to somebody for Christmas.

      Doesn't it come with free streaming music anyway?

        Yes it comes with nokia music. not sure if unmetered on telstra though.

      Is xbox music unmetered on telstra?
      Telstra has bigpond music (mog) which is unmetered but they don't have wp8 app. :S

    Not the happiest, I asked the rep if they could just send the phone first and ship the speakers later, but she said that's not how they do things.

    Considering Telstra had claimed they had all the handsets in stock being processed for provisioning at their warehouse, and now they just told me the handsets and speakers come together from Nokia, so they don't actually have them. Someone at Telstra is lying.

    My suspicion? Speakers were delayed and Telstra have sent out the pre order phones to stores to make more sales in the meantime. 3 day shipping delay = 5 day delivery delay thanks to the weekend...

    Well at least now I know pre ordering with Telstra is pointless, might as well go into a store in future and buy them a week earlier on release day...

      Well at least now I know pre ordering with Telstra is pointless.

      Lol, I learnt this after I pre-ordered my iPhone 4S with them. Never again. That Gerd Schenkel handled the whole situation terribly too.

      Got to the flagship store 15 minutes after the open. Already sold out.
      Dunno if this is Nokia fail or Telstra fail, but running out of stock so soon?

    They can keep the friggin speaker, I just want my new phone :(

    "We screwed up so we'll try to cross sell another service to you as compensation."
    Thanks Telstra! What's wrong with partial shipping?
    "We have your phone, but yeah ... you can't have it. It's our policy"
    It's nice to have an exclusivity deal, isn't it?

      Telstra has it's own streaming service (MOG)
      Your statement would make more sense if they were offering a subscription to it, not a competitors.

        Yes, they do have MOG, to which I am a premium subscriber. However, there is no MOG windows phone app :( Once my Lumia pre-order (finally) gets here I will be cancelling my MOG subscription (they do have a web player and desktop application but I only use it on my phone).

    So... will they be in stores on time? I just wanna hold one, touch it, maybe caress it a little...

      A lot of Telstra shops got demo units in today. I know my local Telstra shop (Caroline Springs) did today.

    My order from Kogan was cancelled because they had oversold their stock. A quick search found several in stock at various Harvey Norman stores. I ended up with a grey unit being express shipped to me from Melbourne.

    Another typical TELSTRA stuff up.

      To be fair, it's a JBL issue, and Telstra is giving you some pretty sweet compensation, no?

        How is Telstra saving a few dollars on consolidated shipping JBL's fault?

    Just got mine from HN,, loving it.. And it's yellow

    Typical whingers. Oh no! I'm not gonna get my new phone for another few days! Woe is me! Telstra is the devil! I don't mind getting it a few days later.

      I'm pre order number 26 and 38. What was the point of pre ordering if they're going to sell them in stores a full week before getting them to pre orders at minimum?

    Gee, it'a not like you really NEED it now... besides, 30 is only... 3 days away and free Music; epic no?

    I don't understand why Giz is blaming JBL for this. If Telstra are telling the truth and their warehouse has all allocated Lumia 920's in stock, and they're refusing to ship until the speakers arrive to save a couple of dollars on consolidated shipping, how is this JBL's fault? Telstra could definitely ship out the phones on time and send the speakers even a week or two later without most people caring.

    It's either that, or Telstra are lying and don't even have the phones in stock, and have prioritised brick and mortar stores to sell on launch day over pre orders.

    I just received an e-mail from Telstra telling me they are out of stock on my phone! WTF, I pre ordered an hour at most after the e-mail, and yesterday were told JBL was delaying, now im told they are out of stock?! Now i'm getting angry, I thought vodafone was bad! lol

    I've just gotten the very same email. I tried ringing the 1300 number in the email but it just seemed to go nowhere. I'm getting a little peeved at this time.

      If you hear anything back from the 1300 number please post back with the results...

      I got that email too. Check their twitter feed though. They said it was sent in error and that the original email (about being sent out on the 30th) is still valid.

    Got my phone just before.

    AMAZING. I'ver killed the battery already though. Only had 24% when I got it. So I started downloading pretty hardcore, playing with it, fiddling and the like and killed the battery.

    So I'm using my iPhone 4 until I can get home and charge up the phone properly. Absolutely ADORED even my small limited experience with it though. Love how it integrates your social media into everything.

    Really different and fresh.

    I preordered mine and decided to see if the Brisbane George Street store had any.
    They told me that the stock they had was sold out. Turns out they recieved 2. The guy in the store said there was a hold up in supply of the phone. So the notion that this is being held up by the JBL speakers is only half the story. Convenient to burn JBL rather Nokia.
    Does anyone actually care about this POS speaker? If it was the Powerup then yes, I would want it but really? I could care less about a "multi directional" speaker (mono) to listen to music on.
    On that. They promote the shit aout of the wireless charging but the charger is extra. Poor.
    I did have a play with the instore demo 920. Nice and I can't wait.
    Apparently we will recieve an email 29/11 that will tell us when we will recieve them. Can't see all of them going out on Friday.

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