Samsung Galaxy Note II On Telstra Is Delayed Until Next Year

Samsung Galaxy Note II On Telstra Is Delayed Until Next Year

This is…interesting, to say the least. When we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note II last week at an oddly glitzy event in Sydney, we were told we’d be seeing the device on plans and in stores by this week. Telstra has today had to come out and admit that the phone won’t be on its store shelves until next year. What gives?

Telstra wrote in a blog post this afternoon about the delay, saying that you can pre-register not to buy one, but to be informed about it when the telco finally decides pricing:

Well, we can now confirm that Telstra are bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Australia’s largest 4G-enabled network early next year. This will bring the number of 4G devices available to Telstra customers to 20.

Why the delay? Not sure yet, but Telstra still has to respond to our questions.

I would bet each and every one of you all the money in my wallet (it’s about $3.70) that it’s due to software testing. It takes so long to get a device through the networks these days that there’s hardly a point even having them by the time they’re approved.

We’ll update you when we have more. In the meantime, check out other pricing on the Galaxy Note II if you must have it now. [Telstra]

Thanks to Owen for sending this in.