Rumourmodo: The Next Xbox Will Sport Quad-Core, 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray, Kinect 2.0 And More

Xbox World has a report on the next Xbox, which will likely be called just Xbox and not Xbox 720 or Windows Xbox 8 or something. The next Xbox is expected to have "four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores" and 8GB of RAM and more goodies.

Currently codenamed Durango, the next Xbox will also support Blu-Ray discs, feature directional audio, TV output and input, have an "innovative controller" and introduce Kinect 2.0. Supposedly, AR glasses like Google Glasses will be released in later stages of the next Xbox.

A lot of this confirms earlier reports about the Xbox 720 so it's looking more and more real. The picture above isn't official, instead Xbox World created the mockup from what industry sources and leaks have told them. Xbox World says:

"We built ours with the same glossy face and patented VapourMG magnesium alloy Microsoft uses for its Surface tablet, and modelled the silver band after its new 'Wedge' touch keyboard and flexible Arc Touch mouse. The future will be black, sharp and curved."

It's supposed to be announced before next year's E3. We can't wait. [Xbox World via Computer and Video Games, DVICE]

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    this...this does not sound half bad.
    if they offer a version with an odd (and the relevant cost savings), it might be a winner.

      I believe BluRay was mentioned (about time!)

        It'd be silly not to include media with that sort of capacity at this point. I think the industry would've shat bricks had they said they were sticking to DVD's lol.

          You need to take into account that Sony actually own the Blu-Ray format, so Microsoft would be paying them in order to be able to use it.

            MS and Sony have a cooperative relationship believe it or not at many levels. Sony does license many things from MS such as OS's etc. This has been discussed in many articles before and for MS to use the Bluray format would be a very minor thing and a great gain for MS. Wether it uses a bluray though or some sort of new format (always possible, look at what Nintys done) it just needs to upgrade from those damn dvd's... and obviously will.

              Well the main reason why the Xbox 360 doesn't use Blu-Rays is exactly that licensing problem.

              But yes they need to move away from DVD's whatever it takes because it's one major bane of the system and a major thing that drives developers nuts (especially with MS's policy to not have enforced hard drive installs).

                Indeed. One does wonder though how the format war would've gone had MS put the HDDVD in the 360 instead of the DVD... given the bluray was so succesful because primarily of the Bluray drive in the ps3 (more ps3 drives are owned than bluray players apparently).

                  Bluray won the battle because the porn industry decided to take it up.

                  PS3 impact on its success is nothing compared to the porn industry.

                  It will be interesting if the 2 parties try to release a separate media type again into the future now that online is killing the physical media porn market.

                  Lets not forget the American pornography industry went with Bluray... same reason VHS beat Betamax.

                  The whole porn myth has been busted many times over. While it has had a major impact on VHS and DVD, it however has had negligeble effect on bluray sales. Porns main focus is online where its main streams of revenue are, it makes more profit per year online than anywhere else. A little googling goes a long way. The main impact on Bluray, has and always has been, the sales of the PS3. This was a genius move from Sony. The PS3 is still the best bluray player on the market and a fantastic one to boot. I still use mine, I've owned 2 other bluray players that paled in comparison. My ps3 also plays 3d blurays, those ones didn't... again, the porn thing? Myth. It hasn't had the impact this generation it used to because that industy has been moving away from physical media too to a more online presence where less expenditure and more profit exists.

                No they didn't use it because of the costs involved for implementing it as a generation 1 device.

                Then they couldn't release an add on like the hddvd thing because they didn't have hdmi in the original 360.

                It was the right decision at the time. Although we are pretty much at the end of DVDs.

                Actually, after Sony, MS is the biggest shareholder in BluRay technologies. They obviously couldn't implement a new disc format midway through a current gen console, once they found out it had been successful. Historically, Sony has generally picked the loser in the technology stakes so there was reason to suggest it wasn't going to be successful.

            No, Sony is part owner of the Bluray Disc format, with Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Thompson, LG, Hitachi, Sharp and Samsung (collectively the Bluray Disc Association).

            Sony doesn't own Blu-ray, does. I wish people got things correct before commenting.

      The bigger issue is whether or not games will require activation in some form that stops the disks being sold (second hand). That applies equally to the PS4.

        ^^^ Absolutely. Im thinking online activation of passcodes. Discs will have to be online activated by DRM essentially.

          Possibly, but then wouldn't Microsoft and Sony be ruling out every potential customer who doesn't have an internet connection?

            In this day and age of constant connection, thats a rarity I think they'd be willing to accept. It might be like Steam, a once off online activation or something. Who knows.

              Probably true that they think that way. However, bonus features should be for online users while those who can't afford and Internet connection should have at least a standard version available. All the talk of a GFC and exhorbitant rent/house prices is not just a media beat up. At least let people play a bloody game without the Internet! I'm looking at you Blizzard.

                If you can afford a next gen console you can afford the Internet.

                Those that can't afford the Internet at the moment will probably be able to 3-4 years down the track when the consoles are more affordable as well.

                  It's not about affording. You'll find that a lot of people cannot get access to the internet in hundreds of places around the world (Middle of Outback Australia for example, where you can get power, but not internet). Going this way would not be a good move.

        Publishers are already providing one time use codes for online play, so a second owner needs to buy DLC to play online.

          Im talking access to the game in its entirety. Right now thats just accessing mp online or different parts. Then they won't really care how many discs go out there as such as they'll head towards online only.

    8Gb of RAM is not enough anymore. Needs more than 8Gb RAM

      Really? I would have thought that would be plenty for a Console... in any case the developers build to the specs of the machine...

      You clearly don't know too much about console hardware. You do realise the Xbox 360 only has 512MB of RAM, right? And that's actually split between CPU and GPU.

      Consoles hardware != PC hardware. But even if that wasn't the case, what the hell are you using your PC for that requires more than 8GB of RAM? Unless you are doing rendering or you are heavily working with Photoshop, Max/Maya and sound stuff like Cubase or Cakewalk, it's totally un-necessary.

        I was hoping for 16Gb of RAM, shared between CPU and GPU

          There's absolutely no reason for a console to have that much RAM.

        Exactly. Take the PS2 specs for example: No more than 300MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM and 4MB Video Memory, but look at some of the games than ran on it. Try running those games on a PC with the same specs and you wouldn't get far. Console hardware and PC hardware are completely different, and 8 GB RAM on a console is more than enough.

        For now.....but not in 3 years.....

          I'm sorry I wasn't aware the PS3 and X360 don't have enough RAM to run games anymore.

          Both the PS3 and X360 have 512MB total RAM - the difference is that the PS3 has two 256MB chunks for the CPU and GPU respectively, while the X360 has a shared architecture.

          Both machines are over 6 years old now (the X360 about 7) and still seem to run good looking games perfectly fine. Do they still look as good as high quality PC games? Well, of course not, because the hardware is 6 years old now.

            I was talking about PC RAM.....You said:

            But even if that wasn't the case, what the hell are you using your PC for that requires more than 8GB of RAM? Unless you are doing rendering or you are heavily working with Photoshop, Max/Maya and sound stuff like Cubase or Cakewalk, it's totally un-necessary.

            I said.....for now, but not in 3 the way, I know several dozen people that use all 8GB of RAM and they don't use Photoshop, Rendering OR Cubase.

            I never said anything about the consoles. They don't need any more than 4, but perhaps Microsoft wants to extend its' lifetime. Difference between 4GB and 8GB of RAM is minuscule in price, so why not?

        I can max out 4GB of ram on browser tabs alone.

          And this comment just proves you really have no idea of the differences between console and PC hardware. Stop assuming they are the same. They are not.

          Also, I think you'll find that you don't actually need 4GB of memory's worth of browser tabs open at the same time. Just a thought.

          Last edited 21/11/12 11:02 am

            I'm glad my single line comment can detail so much proof. But no, you're wrong. I know the difference, and as a software developer and electronics technician, I likely have a better grasp at the difference then you do. I know the amount of resources a full desktop operating system needs and I know they handle processes and memory allocation much differently. I know that besides the small footprint of the core OS and hardware drivers, the console only needs to run one program at a time and prioritize the system resources for that task... I know this... I was just pointing out, on my PC, I can max 4GB on browser tabs. Browser tabs on a console (If they have tabs at all, I don't use it) would likely only hold the current tab in memory, the rest of the tabs would be either written to HDD in a "Temp" directory or reloaded from the web once switched back. I could be wrong too, they might hold more then one tab in memory unless it runs out of free RAM.

              I know the difference, and as a software developer and electronics technician, I likely have a better grasp at the difference then you do.

              I'm a game developer and work with these machines every day.

                A simple "Sorry for misjudging you" would have been sufficient.

              Not really sure what relevance all that has with a console primarily designed to run games and apps, specifically designed for it and primarily without any multi-tasking. Actually I am sure – NONE.

                Well... Who says consoles shouldn't multitask in the future? You could do many things with more RAM, for example, rendering 8 individual game views simultaneously for technology around the corner which may be able to share a single display across multiple users. With extra RAM, developers will find a use for it.

        I have 16gb ram in my pc, i run a base windows install, with a virtual machine (sometimes 2 or 3 VMs), 2 or 3 instances of Visual Studio 2012, often upto 40+ tabs in chrome. At this very moment i have 8.6gig in use, 6gig of cached data in ram and 400meg totally free. The extra room for the cache makes the system fly.

          You have a legitimate use for all that RAM though. My point is most users don't.

          yeah i always have at least 2 or 3 VMs running on my xbox haha

    I'm maybe being really dense, but what do they mean by TV input and output? Does it output TV, as in a tuner, or does it only output TO a TV, as consoles have always done.?

      Also, what is directional audio? Would that not just be surround sound systems, which consoles have supported for generations?
        This was what was listed in leaked specs released a while back.

      I'd imagine the TV thing is something like what Nintendo have with that TiiVii thing in Wii U, or some kind of IPTV thing.

    Rumours are about that MS is having low yield problems with the c.p.u. and may switch to an AMD X86 cisc chip, either way it should be fast but the real question is what variant of the AMD 7000 series radeon they use.

      Pretty sure it's been said both ps4 and next gen Xbox are both going with custom AMD APU's.

      I read that were both going to be using custom builds of the yet unreleased 8000 series gpus.

        I doubt they’ll be going that high end. It would be overkill for 1080p anyway. Even 7000 series might be optimistic, or high-end 7000 optimistic at least.

          it didnt say which model in the 8000 series, they make a lot of different variants not all high end. Besides I would imagine they would want to go high end considering the consoles will probably be the flagship devices of each company for up to 10 years.

    Definitely sold on the BluRay - I currently use Xbox 360 as a media centre from PC so this would seal the deal in that regard... Oh and backwards comparability... I have invested in a heap of games I wanna still be able to use them.

    as long as it's quiet. It's pretty distracting watching a movie on a 1st gen 360 when it sounds like a parking Hovercraft.

      I hear ya brother! (only because my xbox is off)

    bye bye PS3!!

    I wonder how much Sony would make if it does have a blu ray drive.

      Less than Microsoft would gain by putting in Blue-Ray.

    The pictured design is pretty ugly. I seriously hope the next generation of consoles sort their cooling issues out. I have had a PS3 and a 360 with both YLOD and RROD, and it is an absolute joke considering the premium prices for first-iteration consoles.

      I suspect that they're going to be a bit more conservative with the actual hardware this time, plus Microsoft on the whole have a lot more experience making this sort of hardware now, so I imagine they'll have less cooling issues. The heat issue in the 360 is already basically a 'solved' problem with the redesigned versions.

    Get rid of the fee for online content and i'll get one.

      If that happens, the quality of the service will drop. And if that happens, I'm outies.

    Give it a DVB-T add on and all I'll need is the Xbox for all my media!

    The Blu-Ray drive should only be for movie purposes imo. Games should be stored in a proprietary flash/SD/USB cards for faster loading times. Cartridges back from the dead!

      haha i've been saying this for years now, time for cartridges to make a return! Trouble is they probably wouldnt go for the added manufacturing costs, especially when you consider that Black Ops II only made half a billion in its first day. How could they afford to produce cartridges?

      You can already install (most) games onto the HDD. It's not as fast as SSS obviously, but still much quicker then disc, plus the disc doesn't need to spin as much, or as fast... Games on SSS face another hurdle - Copyright. Also, I'm sure these things will have USB3, which could also run a game - That's something for the future, once they iron the standards for Solid State Storage DRM.

    Given how cheap RAM is, why only 4GBs? It will be obsolete even before it's released...

    If XMBC can be compatible with it again, it would be a great home entertainment system, otherwise it falls back to the Ouya.

    It would be awesome if Xbox OS continues the unification like Windows 8/Phone 8 has done, and having the store there letting anyone deploy for Xbox with ease.

      I was thinking of XBMC the whole way as well.. I would not need a media center if it could run XBMC for it's life time, and I don't really see that being an issue any more.

        The only issue will be if MS screw up and lock it down so they cant run it, like on the 360.

        Of course they wouldn't want to open it up tooo much, if they made it too much like a regular windows box, you'd end up with memory issues, malware and games that lock up.

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