Report: The Surface's Keyboard Cover Coming Apart At The Seams

Above all else, it's probably the keyboard-cum-cover of Microsoft's Surface that has garnered most attention since the tablet was first announced. Ironic, then, that some reports are cropping up that suggest it — quite literally — seems to be coming apart at the seams now it's seeing some action.

Reports are popping up on Surface Forums which suggest that one of the edges of the tablet's keyboard can easily split open to expose a wire just days after purchase.

The Guardian reports that the problem has been observed by a number of users, including Tom Warren from The Verge. Each time, it's the same:

The cover, which has an integral keyboard, begins to split at its seam where the device attaches magnetically to the main computer.

It's not obvious yet if this is a widespread problem, or if it's down to a small, faulty batch of keyboards. As the Guardian points out, though, posts on the forum suggest that users in both the US and the UK have reported the problem, so it's likely more of a problem than Microsoft would like.

Given where the fault occurs — on the side of the keyboard which attaches to the tablet — it seems likely that the problem could be a result of mechanical stress. If that's the case, the cover isn't doing too good a job of being a cover. If you've experienced a similar problem with your Surface, let us know. [Surface Forums via The Guardian]



    I just had a look at mine and saw nothing. I can see how it would come apart, and I have been folding it up, down and back a fair bit. Hopefully it doesn't happen to mine.

      I spoke too soon, it just came apart without me doing anything out of the ordinary :(

        Bummer! Now I feel partially responsible.

          From what I've heard (from the comments on The Verge article), if you contact Microsoft about it they'll send you a replacement for free. Maybe something worth looking into?

          Hopefully the return process is painless.

            MS is generally great about this kinda stuff. They learnt quick after the whole 360 shamozzle. Just thank god you're not dealing with Nintendo, I had to return my Wii 4 months into owning it due to the dvd stopping working? Took 4 months to get it back...

    Is this the touch keyboard or the one with the chiclet keys? Or both? I have my eye on a Surface Pro when they come out, but if this is still happening by then it'll make me a sad panda...

      The touch cover. I imagine this will be an easy fix, just need more material at that join. I find this keyboard a joy to type on, really loving it.

        what colour is your touch cover?


            It seems like only ones that are affected is the non-black ones. as the black and coloured ones are different materials i'd imagine the black ones may be ok. unless someone has a broken black cover?

    Mine is fine. It's been getting a work out too. It's heaps easier to type on than some reviews like to make out too. I don't see how you could buy a Surface without a touch or type cover.

      Definitely agree here. I bought both covers just to try them out and I was getting 55-65 WPM on the touch cover and 65-75 WPM on the type cover with 97-100% accuracy within the first hour of use (so next to no learning curve). My best on a normal keyboard is about 70-80 WPM. The covers really make it the great device it is.

        which do you prefer? touch or type?

          Type is definitely better. The only negatives it has over the touch is that it adds a very minor amount of bulk to the case and that you are pushing on keys when the cover is flipped up behind the Surface. Both of those are very minor gripes compared to the increased speed and more reassuring feel it provides when typing.

    As I said pre-launch, Microsoft always have problems with the first generation of major hardware devices.

    Microsoft's ''sell it now and patch it later'' mentality doesn't work so well with hardware.

      I hate to drag this up, but antenna gate, white mb cracks, retina image retention issues MBP. No tech is safe, that's why there is a rev. A00 then a rev. A01 later!

        Yep, Apple are certainly heading down the Microsoft track too. (You forgot to mention iMaps.)

      *sniff* i smell apple cider

        Not sure where that smell is coming from. I have an Android phone, 3 Windows PCs, an Apple Ipod, and a Linux NAS.

        None of which has an in impact on Microsoft's demonstrable history of producing computer hardware with fatal flaws.

        Are you another one of these new generation Microsoft fanboys who turns a blind eye to Microsoft quality control?

          No, but Ausstorageguy summed up my thoughts exactly

          Ausstorageguy Guest NOVEMBER 10, 2012 7:05 PM
          I hate to drag this up, but antenna gate, white mb cracks, retina image retention issues MBP. No tech is safe, that's why there is a rev. A00 then a rev. A01 later!

          i.e. every manufacturer has flaws in their products and releases, its not limited to microsoft, if anything microsoft manages it very well and support their products for a very long time.

          To suggest releasing a first generation product without any flaws is being seriously unrealistic

            I wonder at what point we as consumers of technology got so blase about being inflicted with buggy first generation products that we just passively accepted that we'd be paying money for products that were buggy, incomplete, or didn't work as advertised....?

            Personally, I don't buy into the ''it's new so I don't expect it to work or last'' philosophy. Most of us wouldn't accept that for furniture, cars, foodstuffs or anything. I don't see why we should accept it in IT either.

            So, whether it's Apple blatantly lying about a fundamentally broken maps system, or Microsoft launching a revolutionary keyboard cover that comes apart at the seams in its first week, I will talk out against it.

            In fact, it pisses me off no end that the low expectations of other IT consumers have enabled companies to foist crap products on the rest of us and get away with it - to the point where someone who dares complain about a broken product gets told they shouldn't expect any better...!

            Last edited 14/11/12 12:07 am

              never said i was happy with it. I have just come to accept it as a fact

              and realistically speaking, you cant really compare IT with other products. Every new product in the IT world is technically a brand new piece of technology in its first generation

              furniture and cars have been around for eons, each new product is just a new design or improvement as these are matured products

              foodstuffs is the same thing but with the added fact that you can die if they get it wrong, so stricter controls, but again its a neccessity so more science and research has gone into it to make sure its perfect the first time round. Also food has been around longer than we have so we have had a long to time to formulate non toxic recipes

              IT products also have thousands of intricate parts and alot of technology these days is heavily reliant on the software that drives it. you can have a blazing fast quad core processor but if your OS is bugged to shit and not optimised then you have a fail product

              the issue with software is that its human coded and each programmer has their own style. Humans being humans are never perfect, so i dont expect every first gen product they produce to have perfectly efficient code.
              For physically engineered stuff, its the same thing, i highly doubt they have tested absolutely everything

              that being said though, you wouldve thought that microsoft (given all its marketing hype about how they took 3 years to perfect the keyboard) wouldve known that is breaks at the seams so easily

                Fair points. However, tech companies test their products before they release them. They must know how their products are broken. Yet, they release them anyway, instead of fixing them first. This is what I am speaking out against.

                  i concur
                  this is why its never best to be an early adopter :)

    Mines fine as I type... hopefully stay that way

    The word you are looking for is "cum" (combined with), not "come" (move towards). c.f. vs. Start your puns now.

    So is the cover some kind of splash guard for spankwire? Lol

    One sided reporting yet again.

    Might be worth mentioning that MS are replacing them free of charge.... ?

    Hopefully all these kinks have been ironed out by the time the Pro is released!

    Makes me glad I got mine with the Type Cover. No problems at all. Thrilled with the purchase.

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