Police Raid A Kid To Confiscate Her Winnie The Pooh Laptop

It was just another typical weekday morning in a normal Finnish family home. It was only 8am, and parents and children were going through their usual routine. Then there was a knock at the door: it was the police coming to seize the Winnie the Pooh laptop of the resident nine-year-old pirate.

Torrent Freak reports that Finnish police raided the home after local anti-piracy group CIAPC determined copyrighted files had been downloaded illegally at the residence. After the girl's father refused to pay a €600 fine, the authorities raided the home and seized evidence -- including the Winnie the Pooh laptop of the girl.

Turns out that she'd been trying to download a number of song by Finnish pop star Chisu using The Pirate Bay. The father claims that the downloads didn't work -- they instead purchased a CD from a local store -- but that doesn't seem to have bothered Finnish ISPs, the CIAPC or the police. The girls's father has explained:

"We have not done anything wrong with my daughter. If adults do not always know how to use a computer and the web, how can you assume that children or the elderly — or a 9-year-old girl — knows what they are doing at any given time online?"

Rules are rules, of course, but taking away a child's laptop over a couple of failed torrents seems a little draconian. So far nobody's apologised to the family -- do you think they should? [Torrent Freak via BGR]

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    I am personally not even sure what the police are doing involved in what SHOULD be a civil case... but then I don't really know Finnish law so >shrug

      I'm not sure how copyright infringement would be a civil case in any country.

        Why would it not be a civil case?

        It is my job to protect my intellectual property. If you still copy my work, its my job to sue you about it, not run to the police and complain about the fact that you did it.

          I could be wrong...

          but I suspect he means 'Civil' as in 'Civilized behavior' :D

          If there is laws in place (which there is) then is it not the duty of the police to uphold them?

          If someone were to steal your car, do you just let it fly and sue the person who stole it? No, you contact the police and let them do their job.

          In this case, the copyright owner (probably the record company) contacted the police and alerted them to a crime. Then, as the article says, the police then followed procedure. The father (probably the one listed on the ISP plan and therefore responsible for all traffic on his connection) refused to pay the fine, and the police (as per procedure) confiscated all internet devices.

          The point is, you might be able to make a civil case out of it, but the fact remains; a crime was committed according to the law and the police did their job.

            Because in general the police do not have a role in administering civil law. They enforce Criminal Law which as a guideline involves committing an offence against society in general that some authority can impose a conviction. They are not usually involved in the enforcement of civil law or common law, which involves wrongs done to individuals. In Australia that is usually done by Bailiffs or sheriffs. Actions can be in violation of civil law without being a crime, in which case they are called civil wrongs. For example, you won't get arrested for breach of contract, because it is a civil wrong not a crime. Your example of car theft is a crime and if the individual was convicted the state would punish them and you would not have any fine paid to you. In most countries copyright violation is a civil wrong, in a few it is a crime, it seems that Finland it is both.

              This is the best explanation I've heard and it's cleared up a lot. Well done, sir. I appreciate the effort.

            I can't help but feel this infographic is required.


    That girl should be behind bars!!

      Soft on crime I see. Summary execution I say. It's the only way they'll learn.

    but the track from iTunes, it's only 99c.

      Agreed, however, it does represent quite a large pocket money investment and is it really value for money... It would appear to be overpriced by ...oh... I dunno... 98c.

      Or $1.99 in Australia

    Great track.

      Sure is, I'll pirate it when I get home tonight.

        @drew: Hope you don't live in Finland...

    Amateurs. Use a browser plugin to download it from youtube as an mp3

      You disgust me

        Thank you. Now get over it

      That usually doesn't give as high quality as a torrent can.

    So because the pirated downloads didn't work, they went and bought the cd from a local store. I'm sure the cd place was like, great we get a sale based purely on, pirating didnt work.

    So there was no burden of proof on CIAPC: "You tried to download, therefore you have, therefore you are a criminal, therefore I'll get the court to fine you, and they'll call in the police and confiscate your property if you hesitate". Sounds like a just society :-(

    And CIAPC is allowed to invade people's privacy in this manner (when Google had to pay 22 million for putting cookies on people's computers). That is, is it clear that CIAPC have not broken any law in the manner of, or the data that they collect?

      You have been accused to attempted downloading, How do you plea?

        So I guess attempted robbery isn't a crime because you only tried and didn't succeed.

          So you're happy to equate a violent crime with that of someone attempting to download a file (which you can't know for certain is copyright material until you have completed downloading and to have viewed it) from a public server and then not completing the download because, for example, you changed your mind about it?

          Man, I wouldn't want to live in the police state your mind just conjured up.

            Violent or not, if someone attempts a crime against me or my property, I would want them prosecuted. If their decision to renege on the act comes out in the judicial process, fine, but the law is the law. I agree with @g-man


          How did you do the backwards b?

    This is why Australia needs the death penalty. To avoid these heinous crimes by these pint sized criminal masterminds.

    You guys are all too soft! I say she should be given to the artist as an indentured slave as compensation for the utter despicableness of the crime.

    From CIAPC's own website (http://antipriacy.fi/inenglish)

    In short, the objectives of CIAPC can be divided into four main categories:
    - Centralized surveillance of both the physical market and the Internet
    - Supporting law enforcement and handling of actual infringement cases
    - Education on copyright
    - Production and distribution of information on copyright

    That first objective seems a bit... Orwellian.

    Also, where does one get a Winnie the Pooh laptop these days (maybe from the Finnish police)?

    Last edited 23/11/12 3:00 pm

      I want to know where to get a Tigger laptop

        Well I found this but I'm not sure it'll run a BT client... Or a web browser... Or pretty much anything. http://www.walmart.com/ip/VTech-Winnie-the-Pooh-Play-Learn-Laptop/14321366

      i want a tigger one.....please mummy i promise not to pirate,pleaaaaassseeeee.......

      From the photo, it's obviously a new addition to Sony's VAIO line...

    600 euro fine for attempting to but not actually downloading a 99c song?

      Was it a fine or a demand by the copyright holders? I can't access the original story from here..

        Looks like they demanded 600 euros from him and he told them to take a hike.

    Paddle her bum and teach her to hide her location on line... She'll learn eventually.. we all do.. :}

    What only seized the laptop come on thats nothing i say lock up the 9 year old girl give her 30 years piracy needs to stop

    Would you steal a car?

      No, but the moment I can download one from Pirate Bay.........

      No, but I would clone one if I could!

      no but i would download one

        1. Large-scale 3d printer and lots of "metal ink"
        2. TPB - download a blueprint for a car
        3. Manufacturing cabal buys all metal ink suppliers
        4. Manufacturing cabal sends corrupt cop to your home to extort you
        5. You refuse and are therefore jailed

    What were the cops yelling as they raided the place?


    I think the industry should take a lesson from this. They bought it after the download failed. People always try to achieve what they want the eaiest way. They were prepared to pay, it pirating is simple. Buying a CD takes time. Buying music online is also painful when it is a 10 step process in a store, or some account system like iTunes where it is just one click but then forces you into using Apple only stuff. Most users aren't techs and don't want to know how to rip or strip drm.

    Before you are the you need tech knowledge to torrent, the kid did it, whereas a purchase would've had to be made by the parent who'd jus consider it too hard.

      What I find amusing is they bought the thing anyway and are still being targeted.

      I also read on Techspot that the artist apologised to the girl and pointed her to Spotify(?).

    Imagine the trouble she'd be in if it was a Captain Feathersword laptop... They could plead intent.

    Finland, not even once

    Yes, hang this girl from the highest tree, because the music industry is in such a poor state. I feel for all the rappers missing out on their drugs and guns because of piracy. How will they pay for their prescription drugs and alcohol, then kill themselves accidentally in bathtubs? How could this girl be so damn thoughtless and selfish?

    Actually this is worse than traditional 'pirating' (for lack of a correct term), an inferior copy of a recording was targeted to be obtained when they had intent AND means to purchase the full quality recording from an authorized source.

    If you're going after something that you never had intent AND the financial means to obtain, then there are no grounds to infer financial loss/royalties owed.

    It seems to me, the Judas Iscariot's of our day are the Govt & The Dept Of Justice, as they have betrayed the Public & there trust

    Our Justice system is corrupt, they target the Poor & Disabled, they protect the Banks, the child sex industry behind there badges, then they target the innocent, being the poor, disabled, elderly & Children.
    They are Extortioners, an worse that what they say the mafia is.

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