Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine Is Nine Parts Absurd, One Genius

This is dumb. This is so goddamn dumb. Dumber than a bag of hammers. So dumb it's making my ears bleed. Dumb, dumb, dumb. DUMB. But I love it. Perpetual energy wasting machine, I love you.

[Thanks Karl!]


    So THIS is why I can never get a damned elevator...

    Damn you, ironic post post-modern art.

    Nice waste of energy jerks! We should blame these fools for consuming energy created by burning fossil fuels.

      Pretty sure it's an ironic critique of exactly that - the calculator is modified to record exactly how much energy is being (literally) thrown away by the lift's operation. It's a statement about how much energy is wasted around us all the time...

    Man that's a lot of effort to go to for what looks like truly pointless pure evil.. :)

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      Pure evil is never pointless, you just don't get it yet :P

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    It's art and as an art installation it's quite cool and interesting. But it would be nice to see the calculator set up used in a way to encourage people to use the stairs.

      Read the kilojoules off the tape and then your decision to choose the stairs becomes easy... that and the fact you cannot get an elevator.

    Lol the printout goes straight into the bin... priceless

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