Paper For iPad Now Lets You Sketch With A Bluetooth Stylus

Paper is one of the iPad’s best proof of concepts when it comes to apps taking advantage of what the hardware can do. Now, it just got a little better.

Not only does the app have a new colour mixer tool, allowing you to create custom colours to your heart’s content, but it also works with Pogo’s new Connect Bluetooth stylus, which means that you gain the power of pressure-sensitive control. The update is available now in the iTunes App Store for free, as always. [iTunes App Store via The Verge]


    Mixer is an in-app purchase - it is not free.

    A blue tooth stylus, couldn't they just get a normal stylus.

      if it wasn't bluetooth then it wouldn't be pressure sensitive.

    I pad does not have a digitizer layer the only tablet that has that is the note 10.1 and if you made it hi Res around 300ppi it would cost over a grand and I don't think their is a CPU and gpu power full enough for this yet. Maybe another year or two but most likely from Samsung or at least made by samsung

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