Paper-Based 3D Printer Now Adds A Splash Of Colour

Back in 2008, Mcor Technologies unveiled its brilliant Matrix 3D printer that created models from a stack of regular old copier paper. It was a cheap way to dabble in 3D printing, and now the company has unveiled a new model, the Iris, that adds a bit of colour to your creations.

Like with the original Matrix, the Iris slices and glues layer after layer of paper together to slowly build up a 3D model. But colour is introduced through an additional process that presumably prints a design on the parts of a page that will be visible in the final model.

Because it's not printing a full design on every single page, the Iris shouldn't chew through ink cartridges too quickly. But having it run out of ink halfway through a long model-making process could be incredibly frustrating, since it's not like you can simply go back and re-print the pages with streaks. [Mcor Technologies via Make]

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