Optus Finally Has Prepaid 4G Offerings

Optus Finally Has Prepaid 4G Offerings

Last week Optus teased its 4G prepaid pricing, and it hasn’t let us down. Today we were given a look at how much you speed demons could go prepaid on Optus for.

The pricing is identical to Optus’ existing prepaid offerings, which is kind. The prepaid offerings also get you free access to a bunch of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, eBay and MySpace.

Here’s the pricing:

Cost Data Minutes
$30 500MB 250
$40 1GB 350
$50 2.5GB 450
$70 4GB 600
$100 5GB 900

Credit: Angus Kidman

All of the recharges last for 28 days and include unlimited SMS messaging to Australian numbers.

There are two prepaid mobile broadband devices available for order from this Friday. We’re still chasing the pricing of those units.