OK, Slingshot Man, This Poison Arrow Is Officially Going Too Far

Watching watermelons and sheets of plywood meet their demise at the hands of a twisted slingshot creation is entertaining. But Joerg Sprave's latest creation, a custom crossbow bolt that has been modified to deliver a lethal dose of poison, is a little disheartening since it was created for killing, not just smashin' stuff.

And it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: do NOT try this at home. Or anywhere. It's all but guaranteed that this particular experiment in home-grown weaponry will get you in hot water with local law enforcement. And explaining it away as a handy way to inject some extra flavour into a frozen turkey isn't going to fool anyone. We miss the cuddly, zombie-slaying Joerg. Can that guy come back and build us a Hello Kitty catapult or something? [YouTube]

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