NZ Uni Student Builds Crazy Bass Guitar Robot, Plays Muse's Hysteria

We've all heard of drum machines, but you've probably never heard of a bass machine. Appartently at least one exists, and it's awesome.

This MechBass by a student named James at Victoria University of Wellington rocks out harder than any two-handed bassist ever could by four separate picks, one for each roboticly fingered string. Awesome as that is, it seems like we meatbags might have an advantage when it comes to peddling between two notes on the same string. Maybe.

So far, James has just put out this video of the it playing Muse's "Hysteria" though personally, I'd want to see it tackle "Myage" or maybe that crazy solo from "Maxwell Murder" or something specifically written to be humanly impossible. Sure, this sucker can play a mean bass, but can it groove? Then again, who cares when it can shred like that. [Hackaday]

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