Nexus 10: 10 Seconds With Serrels

Mark Serrels is a gadget whisperer. He can not only produce fine words for Kotaku Australia, but he can instantly tell whether a gadget is worth its salt after 10-seconds. From now on, I'll be giving all the new gadgets that come across my desk the Mark Serrels 10-second review test. First up is the new Nexus 10 from Google and Samsung.

Now, this is by no means our comprehensive review. Think of it as a first pass before a longer review. It's a new bit of fun we're trying here on Giz.

We'll bring you our full review of the Nexus 10 on Monday morning.


    Smooth as what!? I need a 12 second review!

      haha you're not from queensland are you? In the sunshine state everything's smooth as, cool as, good as. We don't waste time with finishing the sentence, we just assume that people will realise it's smooth as something particularly smooth. Apparently whatever part of the world Mark's from they have a similar grasp of the language. Makes communicating easy as.

        I'm a friend of Mark's from Scotland, and you're right. But over here smooth as, means smooth as f**k. Which means it's very smooth!

    My Nexus 10 has just arrived at Alexandria waiting for clearance, shld get it on Monday. Can't wait to get hold of it. :)

    This is the gadget review equivalent of "That'll do pig". I mean that in a good way.

    My dog could do that job.

      How much do you want for your dog?

    Great stuff - where can I see more of his reviews?

    As a fellow Scot i love our banter :)

    I'm wondering, if you gave him a device that had a dead battery, so he couldn't turn it on, would he give it the Mark Serrels thumbs down?

    Lol, Magic Bullet TV ads anyone?

    "Mark Serrels will review any product in 10 seconds or less!"

    I like his style!

    He reminds me of a cool saying I have heard, "He's not here to f _ _ k spiders!"

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    Haha awesome, Serrels doesn't f*ck around.

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