New Battlestar Galactica Series Starts Today -- And It Looks Awesome

There's a new Battlestar Galactica series starting today. Called Blood & Chrome, it's the first part of SyFy movie that will premiere in 2013. It looks like an action packed war and adventures movie. Aesthetically, it's truly spectacular. Take a look at the trailers.

The new series and movie follows the adventures of the young Admiral Adama, back when he was Husher, a Viper pilot fighting in the Cylon Wars. Most of it is filmed like the Star Wars prequels, using green screen techniques, according to Doug Drexler, CG supervisor on Blood & Chrome:

Because the show was all greenscreen, we had an opportunity to expand the ship and give it greater scope.

They also used some of the same software used in Star Wars, both in the prequels and the release of the latest restored copies, which included new battle scenes entirely rendered using LightWave. LightWave is a classic animation program and a favourite of John Knoll, visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic for those scenes. If he sounds familiar to you, maybe it is because he's the co-inventor of Photoshop with his brother, Thomas.

If the pilot is successful, I guess there will be a long series after. I hope!

The best part: it will be available online, for free, starting with the first episode out of 10 today. The worst part: they are only seven to 10 minutes long.

But I don't care. By coincidence — I wasn't aware of the development of these series at all — I finished watching all the seasons of Battlestar Galactica yesterday. It's been my second time and I can't wait for this new dose of intergalactic space opera.

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    The uploader has not made this available in my country apparently.

    Yeh a pity Machinima have only allowed US residents to view it! What are Australians meant to do? Sit around and wait for the blu ray to be released? Hope someone ups the webisodes on other means soon. You would think when the delivery method is youtube that we would be able to watch it!

      You would think that because this is an Australian tech site they would have tried to view the video at least before re posting the story.

        absolutely. it's difficult enough to get excited by another green screen effort.

      And that's why God invented bittorrent: to counter mankind's distribution stupidity.

    And they wonder why people BT….

    OOOH can the bluray be really expensive like the BSG box sets are.

      Expensive? Just get it on Amazon UK. The whole box set except for The Plan on BluRay for about $60.

    wooo!! they better upload this to torrent sites everywhere, ASAP

    obviously they want show pirated by everyone NOT in America. Wont even let me see the advertisement.

    yeah, this was on the 'rrents since friday night.

    its actually really good. highly recommended

    His call sign is Husker

    Awesome looking show. Was wondering why there were so many posts before someone pointed out Husker vs Husher. On another note, didn't Adama have a gravelly sounding voice in the BSG flashbacks? The actor is very clear sounding, no scars on face etc...

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