NASA Astronaut Describes The Complexities Of Photography In Space

Donald Pettit is, as well as being a NASA astronaut, an exceptionally keen photographer — which is why he has over 10 top-of-line DSLR cameras littering the International Space Station. In this video, he talks about the complexities and joys of photography in space.

Donald gets to grips with the fact that zero-g photography is inherently different to Earth-bound picture taking — even if NASA doesn't like it that way — as well as the artistic and environmental factors that affect the process. There is, of course, a reasonable amount to geekery in there too, and he touches on using a modded Nikon D35 to capture IR images, as well as the technicalities of minimising reflections when taking images through the space stations windows.

All in, it's a fascinating little film, whether you've ever thought about photography in space or not. [Vimeo via Peta Pixel]

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