Microsoft Solves Windows Phone 8's Random Rebooting Problem

After users reported that their Windows Phone 8 handsets were randomly rebooting, Microsoft claims to have found the cause of the problem — and is planning to roll out an over-the-air update in December.

All Things D reports that Microsoft has been working with its partners — presumably HTC and Nokia — and has discovered a cause of the bug that has seen phones randomly rebooting. It's not clear how widespread the issues is, but Microsoft hopes to have it fixed with the OTA update some time in December. [All Things D]


    Just so long as it doesn't have to be bloody carrier approved.

    i don't have any "random rebooting"
    only think i have is a woeful battery life :|

      I turned off tap and send in the settings and changed my APN to Telstra.Internet and i get amazing battery life.

      Yesterday i took it off charge at 5am. Bluetooth + Wifi left on. Around 3 hours of phone calls. Lots of text / whatsapping. Quite a bit of web browsing. And about 2 hours of plants vs zombies / Civ while waiting on meetings put it on charge at 11pm at 48%.

      Lumia 920.

        thats pretty awesome i wouldnt mind trying out the 920 looks like an amazing handset

        This gives me faith, waiting to pick up a 920 in the new year when good deals come out.

        Good to know. Now all I need to do is manage to get one from a Canberra Telstra Shop. None of them have ANY in stock!!!! They all got only 2 units per store on the morning of the 27th.


          Yeah stock on this thing is amazing. I had 5 pre orders going and got lucky with clove.
          Give it at least 3 days of full drains to get decent battery life though...First 2 days it died like no tomorrow. After the 3rd day i got decent life but still average...after tap & send off + changed APN it all became awesome :)

          I put my name down on the 25th (2 days before release) at my local JB Hi-Fi and was 1st in line, if you have them in Canberra to try??

        I assume you have a Telstra handset. Where did you set your APN? Isn't it normally under Mobile Network? Also on mine if I type 161 chars it switches from SMS to MMS. Does yours do this?

          Hey got mine from clove in the UK. To change the apn you go to access point in settings.

          my SMS doesn't do that there is another setting called network + to help fix that

            Unfortunately all missing on the Telstra branded unit.

              That is not true. Those options are on my Lumia 920 which is Telstra. It has nothing different except a Telstra boot up screen.

    see this is what concerns me is that its "sometime in December" and not "immediately"

      They'll probably have to test and verify the solution over multiple iterations. They may also have to bundle other fixes into the one update.

      I wouldn't be too concerned. Apple/Android do the same thing.

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