Microsoft Pranked People With A Live Floor Tile That Knocked Down A Wall

One of the coolest things about Windows 8 are the Live Tiles, which are like the beautiful love children of widgets and icons. Microsoft thinks so too so they created a hilarious prank that involved a light up floor tile (think Michael Jackson's Billie Jean) and a collapsing wall.

Directed by McCann Oslo, the live tile lays in the middle of the road and lights up when a person steps on it. And when they fully "click" it, the wall falls down and reveals a live concert. It's pretty fun even if it's all probably setup. [PSFK]


    Agreed, most likely a setup. The safety issues are just too great to involve a person who could potentially do anything.

    That is 100% fake and lame. I'm sorry, no way they could have done that for real, what if a person moved to the left or right and got hit by a real wall falling?

    Still a fairly accurate representation of Windows 8, there is lag between activating the tile and the action of the tile happening, like the real Windows 8.

    What's with these companies with these staged things like this and the Bond train station challenge. They aren't cool, they are just utterly lame.

    "...probably a setup"??? Um, I reckon so, unless Microsoft has suddenly branched out into snuff films.

    They do this because they know the average person will think it's real.

    People are that stupid, this is why commercials are so mind numbingly retarded.

    It disrespects our intellects companies like Microsoft try to pass this stuff of as real. I don't understand why they think that lying to us helps their brand.

    Someone will now say: ''But Microsoft didn't say anywhere in the video that it was real.'' No, but they certainly implied it was real, by showing the making of the set etc, calling it an ''experiment'', and filming it documentary style.

    If the video had said ''here's a Microsoft ad'' I might or might not have bothered to watch it. But by making it look real, I just feel cheated when I realise at the end it's just another viral marketing exercise trying to trick the mug punters.

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    so no one here has ever watched a film? I feel sorry for people who have that immediate reaction of 'fake' 'fake'! They cant seem to be able to suspend their cynicism long enough to enjoy anything - who cares if its a set up, its still a great ad and it lets you imagine how cool something like that would be. learn to enjoy life a bit hey.

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