Lamp Made From A Sheet Of Cardboard

Lamp Made From A Sheet Of Cardboard

Instructables user Jesse Harrington Au has designed this amazing lamp which is made from just a single sheet of cardboard and an inexpensive ribbon of LED lights. And the best bit is, you can make one too.

Well, you can if you have the means with which to get the card cut using a laser printer, which is all you need to do once you’ve downloaded his CAD file. But once that’s out of the way, putting it together is like grade school arts and crafts. He explains:

After pulling my sheet out I like to stack the pieces in order before gluing to make my gluing experience more pleasurable. I used Elmers white glue sparingly so it would seal faster.

After some fun gluing, I drilled a hole in the back of the head of the lamp and fed my LED strip through it taped it in a swirl pattern on the inside and then attached the strip to a plug and Walla! light. Simple easy and even fits my cell phone in the pocket.

Of course, lost for a laser printer you could probably go freehand — though the results might look a little more scrappy. [Instructables via Apartment Therapy]