LaCie's New Waterproof USB Key Is Smaller Than Your House Key

The problem with little USB jump drives is that no matter how many you own, you've never got one when you need it. You could've have sworn you tossed one in your bag, but when it's time to pass files around, it's not there. That's why we're tempted to keep LaCie's new PetiteKey dangling from our keychains.

The PetiteKey comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB for $13, $20 and $36 respectively in Australia. It's waterproof down to 100 metres, scratch-resistant and tough. There's a two-year warranty, should you want to test that toughness out. But, best of all, it's much tinier than its cute-but-not-as-useful ancestor, the iamaKey: The little USB drive weighs 8g and measures just 1.5 inches long. In other words, it's smaller and lighter than most actual keys, which means it's actually convenient enough to carry with your everywhere. [LaCie]

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